5.930.     AR AR

Interchange   is   a   principle   that   makes   a   person   sell   his   soul   to   the   devil   in   exchange   of   freebies.   “I   exchange   nothing   for   nothing,”   says   the   wretch,   rubbing   his   hands   in   joy,   and,   certainly,   he   is   quite   mistaken.

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10.47. A monstrously bad deal.     AR AR

To sell his soul to the devil it means to become his slave.  Serve him, fulfill his requests and orders, spend on him their money, time and life... 

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10.20119.     AR AR

As for the servants of God, it is good to be a servant of God, given that God is an idea, love, beauty and truth... that is, what lives inside you.  If you don't want to be a slave of God, you will be a slave of the devil, pride, fear, vices, and other people.

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10.20131.     AR AR

And how do you feel about the best, which is the enemy of the good?  They say the devil tells everyone that hell is much better than heaven.

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10.20150. A hell of a bad contract.     AR AR

Most people spend up to 90% of their time on vices.  People who have sold their souls to the devil live and work only to give their money for pleasures and remedies for fears.  In the absence of pleasure, a person experiences anxiety and fear.  The absence of fear is a great pleasure.  The devil, the king of lies, invents fears and cures for them.  At the same time, the Church takes only 10% of a person's time for a cure for fears and joy.

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10.20241.     AR AR

You can go to hell faulty of the soul in which there is no love.  The essence of being is the separation of the grain from the chaff.  The seeds are those who have love in them, and God takes them to Paradise.  The tares are those in whom there is no love and the Reaper (the devil)  takes them to hell.  More precisely, the tares themselves go to hell, the devil, as can, prevents them, because hell is already full…  but the tares are persistent in their thirst for Vice.

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10.20322.     AR AR

By selling your soul to the devil, you lose the ability to love yourself.  Deprived of the joy of love, a person becomes dependent on external love, and falls into hell.

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10.21042.     AR AR

Sinners sell their souls to the devil for flies.  Flies are the standard price for souls.  The devil is the owner of honey, who catches flies with honey and sells them to sinners.

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10.21550.     AR AR

The essence of the devil's temptations is to steal a person's hope and undermine their faith.  You should pray  God is about preserving faith and hope.  Hopes are inspiring goals and dreams, and faith is a movement toward them.  The devil, the king of lies and fear, tries to do everything possible to prevent movement to the goal.  The devil under any pretext tries to stop the person, tempting him with pleasures, doubts and fears.

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10.21650. Don't believe it…     AR AR

The purpose of the devil's temptations is to deprive you of your faith... that is, to restrict your movements.  The devil undermines your faith with doubts.  The devil tempts you with pleasure and rest... " Why should you go anywhere?  - says the devil... - lie down, rest, and let it make itself.  I'll give you everything, just wait."

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