10.20692.     AR AR

The heaviness of being is generated by the absence of love, that is, by all that you do not love.  If you love your cross, it will be light, and if you don't love it, it will be terribly heavy.  The point is that you can't throw away your cross, because your cross is your meaning of life.  If you try to throw away your cross, you will go mad with pain and become a slave to Vice.

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10.20620.     AR AR

The load becomes light if you carry it with humility.

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10.20084.     AR AR

The purpose of a person and his mission in life are inseparable from it.

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10.19998.     AR AR

Perfection is a very interesting entity.  Perfection is inseparable from goals and objectives.  Everyone is perfect in their own business, and imperfect in someone else's.  Man is born perfect in order to bear his cross.  Everyone has their own cross.

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10.19779.     AR AR

There is no one to envy, everyone suffers the same, but someone else's cross is heavier than his from unaccustomed, and someone else's shoes are squeezed.

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10.7251.     AR AR

Don't be jealous, everyone has their own way.  When you are jealous, you choose someone else's path, someone else's burden, someone else's suffering…

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10.6865. Battery.     AR AR

Everyone should carry their own load, because this is their mission in life, a source of energy and joy.  Anyone who loses their cargo is doomed.

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10.5494.     AR AR

Fear anyone who would steal your cross.  Your cross is your meaning of life.  If you lose the meaning of life, you will perish in hell.

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10.5339.     AR AR

In Christianity there is the concept of "carry your cross".  And this cross should not be given to anyone.  And all assistants who try to help, it is necessary to drive in a neck...

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10.1541.     AR AR

That log in your eye, that's the cross you're carrying.

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10.2288.     AR AR

The cross you carry is the wheel you ride on.

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4336.2.     AR AR

Life  loads  just  as  much  as  what  anyone's  flesh  and  blood  can  stand.  No  more  and  no  less. 

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4.3021.     AR AR

It's dangerous to be distracted from your pain. The return of pain is extremely painful when weaned.

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5.290.     AR AR

Your cross is like your travel bag, which has everything you need to be able to follow your path. If you give someone your cross, you will lose what you need and so you will perish.

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5.256. Who Am I?     AR AR

"Who are you?" "Whoever I am, I am someone who would never trade my cross for anyone else's. I am the one who is glad to be himself.

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5.194.     AR AR

Each has its own cross, someone gold, another silver or iron, the third wooden. Each chooses his own cross and carries the one that he can afford. The heaviest gold, the lightest wood. Therefore, they say that the poor are happier than the rich, it is easier to cross them.

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