10.17390.     AR AR

The meaning of astrologers ' predictions is that life is subject to rock, but the truth is that everyone can choose their own rock.

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10.15645. Seer.     AR AR

When I find out who you are, I'll find out your future.  Tell me your habits, dreams, fears.  Tell me about your past and present, about the people around you.

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10.21964.     AR AR

No matter how much rope you use, the fly will still get caught in the web or get stuck in the soup.

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6.1992.     AR AR

One cannot predict the future, but one who lives beyond time sees everything.

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5.3486.     AR AR

Given the unevenness of time, one can predict the future by noticing that in some places it comes earlier than in others.

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5.3483.     AR AR

Predicting the future is difficult because it is not one thing, it is much easier to just create it.

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4.3240.     AR AR

Visionary creating the future, not predict it. A seer is an avatar of God.

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4.3063.     AR AR

A good forecast does not predict the future, but creates it. And here, of course, much depends on the strength of the one who gives it.

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7.616. A lazy soothsayer.     AR AR

Many  problems  and  difficulties  are  very  easily  predictable,  except  for  one  thing:  it  feels  too  lazy  to  reason.

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7.175.     AR AR

Many things happen quite naturally and predictably, but they still happen because people do not care about the consequences.

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5.297.     AR AR

Prophesying the future is easy, tell me about the past. For he who knows the past knows the future, and he who knows the future knows the past. I want to test you, talk.

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