Self sufficiency






10.1360.     AR AR

Human life is enough to make any feat and build the Egyptian pyramids...  however, you can devote all your time to mortal sins.

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10.9424.     AR AR

Man, thanks to the habit of work and modesty in life, does not need the mercy of the powerful.

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10.10505.     AR AR

God helps the walking...  but where is the one going?  The one who walks is going to help himself.

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10.10778. The main discovery.     AR AR

Everything is in our hands.  Everything is in the power of the man himself.  Nothing is impossible for a reasonable person.

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10.18546.     AR AR

Hope for something external breeds fear, hope for oneself breeds faith.

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10.18577.     AR AR

Rule the world through yourself.  You just put hope back in on itself, as a tool for the implementation of their hopes.  Integrity, strength, and firmness come from the belief that you can fulfill all your hopes yourself.

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10.18664.     AR AR

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for they do everything themselves and rely on themselves.  Everyone else lives in fear, anger, and annoyance, always dissatisfied and sick.

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10.18805.     AR AR

The criterion of truth is scalability (ability to grow), self-sufficiency, integrity, and stability.

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10.19249.     AR AR

The real truth is not interested in whether someone likes it or not.  Truth is independent of other people's opinions.

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10.19310.     AR AR

Each point  self-sufficient enough to become the universe on its own if desired.

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10.19662. Self-sufficient personality.     AR AR

A star is an object that, having learned the essence of the simple, has learned to extract energy from what it has the most and no longer needs external sources of energy.

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10.19757.     AR AR

Hope for  God is a hope for himself, because the soul is God.

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10.20147. Perfect love.     AR AR

The greatest joy of being is that each person is perfect and, therefore, self-sufficient.  In other words, you can fulfill any of your desires on your own, if only you fall in love and believe in it.

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10.21178.     AR AR

Fate leads a man to happiness with his own feet, hands, and tongue.  Listen to your intuition, do what you must and be what you will.

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10.21218.     AR AR

Self-confidence comes from the firmness of your desires.  Nothing can shake my determination to achieve my goal, you tell yourself.  The achievability of my goal depends only on me, and I will not give up until I have done everything possible.

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10.21312.     AR AR

You should hope as well as love.  You should put your hopes first on yourself, and through yourself on your neighbors and the whole world around you.

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10.21564.     AR AR

Try to make the most of what you have.  As a rule, you always have more than enough at hand to fulfill any of your current desires.

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10.21621.     AR AR

Hope for external assistance is possible only in the concept of "do what you must and come what may".

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10.21622.     AR AR

Procrastination is a loss of self-confidence that is associated with hopes for outside help.

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10.21634.     AR AR

The smaller the step, the easier it is to move.  You can't jump a chasm in two steps, of course, but if you go down one side and up the other... or, for example, go around it.  After all, we live in a limited world where everything has an end and a beginning.

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10.21773.     AR AR

I didn't have time.  I didn't have any money, but money is the time I've already mentioned.  But I was in love.  Love is time and energy in one person.  So I had everything I needed to make the impossible possible.

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10.22199.     AR AR

Of course, faith and love will save you, but faith is a movement and God helps the one who is walking.  Are you already performing an act of faith?  Where is your movement towards the expected and confidence in the unseen?

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10.22202.     AR AR

The crucifixion  Jesus on the cross is a metaphor that your faith should not be dependent on other people's opinions.  Even if your love has been crucified, you must be the one to resurrect it.  True love is good because no matter how many times it is crucified, there are those who will rekindle the flame of love.

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4.37.     AR AR

You   have   at   your   fingertips   all   you   need   to   achieve   any   goal   you   may   have,   and   you   have   had   it   a   long   while.   You   are   just   inattentive   to   what   is   available.

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3.8.     AR AR

I have sufficient qualification to solve any problems and fulfill any desires.  Qualification - wizard.

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