6.75.   AR AR

Masculinity is what allows him to be the same.  Those who lack courage are always different, for they lack integrity and firmness.  Not in a weak unity, many of them, and every time it's different.

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3.222.   AR AR

Truth   is   a   system.   To   know   truth,   one   needs   resignation   because   a   system   is   a   union   of   ones   and   zeroes,   of   chaos   and   order,   or   light   and   darkness.   If   you   negates   zeroes,   you   will   not   build   a   system   and   will   not   reach   your   goal.

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3.298.   AR AR

Humility is the realization that chaos and order are equal, moreover, in their unity they are one, as two sides of the same coin.  Therefore, pay tribute will have both forces.

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3.556.   AR AR

Cowardly  people  don’t  get  along  with  their  teammates.  Fear  kills  confidence,  so  cowards  neither  believe  nor  love  people.  No  love,  no  cohesion.

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10.6445.   AR AR


10.6208.   AR AR


10.6117.   AR AR


10.6050.   AR AR

In order for unity to arise, a joint creative goal is needed.  There is no unity without a joint creative goal.  The unity based on the pursuit of pleasure is as fragile as the pleasures themselves.

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10.5995. The law of conservation of energy.   AR AR

This truth is the unity of potential and realized energy.  Therefore, the less a person realized himself, the more potential energy remained inside him.  Blessed are the poor in spirit, for their potential is enormous.

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10.5978.   AR AR

The forest is the trees, the unity of the point and the universe.  Different combinations of points give rise to different forms of the real world.

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10.5914. Total truth.   AR AR

The truth must be broken into as small pieces as possible.  Than pieces of less, those they more similar on each other.  When contradictions disappear, there is unity and strength of love.

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10.5913.   AR AR

Truth is an eclectic entity, the unity of all opposites.  Truth is made of sand, because when you crush black and white into sand, you will see that they are the same.

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10.5348.   AR AR

Fear unites better love, because like they different, and fear one thing and the same.  However, the unity of love and fear is best United.

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10.5259.   AR AR

A real team is a unity of love and inspiration in the struggle to achieve a common goal.  In a real team there is no fear and competition, because there is no pride.

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10.5137.   AR AR

Nothing contradicts anything, because life is a paradox and a unity of opposites.  One doesn't interfere with the other.

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10.4291. The system of chaos.   AR AR

Chaos is a unity in the same space of time from many of the ordered processes.

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10.4289. Common values.   AR AR

Love this not when people climb each other in soul.  Love is unity of purpose.  You don't even have to talk, you don't have to do anything.  It is enough to feel the unity of understanding of truth and values.

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10.4286.   AR AR

The essence of things is always the unity of honey and tar.  You can humbly accept things as they are, you can humbly take honey or tar.  Yes, you all correctly understood, tar, too, use to anyone in items. 

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10.4139.   AR AR

Love is the unity of different things.

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10.3659.   AR AR

There are pros and cons to everything.  On the one hand, to unite is good, and unity makes us stronger, and on the other hand, people in the crowd are terribly stupid.  The mob is killing the Supreme intelligence that created our universe.

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10.3296.   AR AR

In fact, this contradiction is the unity of truth, for any consistent extreme is only a lie.

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10.3243.   AR AR

Don't judge, because when you judge, you divide.  Love is unity.  Disconnecting, you break everything.

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10.2929.   AR AR

It's a lie that the team is killing " Me."  "I", on the contrary, having lost the oppression of fear, the individual human "I"blossoms in the team.  The team is the unity of different Selves.

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10.2854.   AR AR

The first step is to achieve unity within yourself. 
The second step is to achieve unity without oneself. 
The third step is to achieve unity with nature. 
There must be a Trinity of self, society and nature. 

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