2037.     AR AR

You  hope  and  fantasize  too  much,  forgetting  that  the  world  consists  of  suddenness  and  astonishment. 

Přeložit: Muhortova Natalie


3858. Liars and dreamers.     AR AR

Most  people  are  rather  dreamers  than  liars.  Wishful  thinking  is  one  of  the  people's  favorite  entertaining  activities. 

Přeložit: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Atatanah (Ruslan Shaumetov)



10.5223.     AR AR

If you limit your fantasies, you will turn them into reality.  Reality is an illusion limited by form.

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10.5218.     AR AR

The brain always gets what it wants, but there's a problem: the brain doesn't distinguish illusion from reality.  Try less to indulge in fantasies, dreams kill reality.

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10.4544. Universe of mind.     AR AR

Consciousness is the brain's fantasy of the real world.  The brain, falling into pride, wants to create its own world and its own God within it.

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10.4644.     AR AR

Worlds of dreams and fantasies, computer virtual worlds, the real world...  it's all the same, but based on different technologies.

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10.4665.     AR AR

Aladdin's magic lamp and the Genie who lives in it is a metaphor for an ordinary person locked in the world of his illusions.  This God of their own imagination is quite strong and sometimes it can be used for business use.

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10.4771.     AR AR

A dissident is someone who asks the question " why are you doing this at all?  Wouldn't it be better to do things differently?"Dissent is a necessary component of creativity.

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10.1772. Brain worm.     AR AR

All your greatness is fantasy.  All your nothingness is a fantasy.  You are what you are and have always been, a worm living in an Apple eaten by two tame monkeys named Adam and eve.

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10.4491.     AR AR

Theory without experience and personal practice application of this lies and fantasy.  Theorists, visionaries.  However, practice without theory is weak.  Theory develops practice, makes it stronger, brings novelty and growth to it.

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10.5293. Cognitive anxiety is overkill.     AR AR

There is a real fear, it is quite small and weak fear.  Real fear is the fear of everything that is real.  All real objects are dangerous, but not much.  There is also cognitive fear.  Cognitive fear is a fantasy and illusion, such fear can be huge and potentially unlimited.

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10.5874. Energy Is Nothing.     AR AR

The energy of faith is limitless.  Belief in uncertainty allows you to extract energy from what is not, from lies and fantasies.  Faith is the ability to draw energy from Nothing.  Being is infinite and unknowable, belief in Nothingness is an ocean of energy.

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10.5988.     AR AR

A lie is something that doesn't exist.  Every fantasy and human thought is a lie.  You are a lie, your mind is a lie.  All your fantasies and plans are lies.  All your memories are lies.  The attempt to destroy falsehood destroys human reason, progress, art, and the evolution of forms.  Death is the end of lies.

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4.926.     AR AR

We known three amplifier fantasies that turn into reality. Fear, faith and passion.

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4.343.     AR AR

Nightingales in a cage do not sing. The point is that creative and creative employees who need to think need freedom, security and good food to work productively.

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10.4043.     AR AR

What is a disaster?  Something that shattered the fantasy of a perfect future.  You fantasized about the future, and it didn't happen.  And now you're crying.  A terrible disaster.

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10.3996.     AR AR

In the real world, fear is a very rare beast, most fears are a product of the fantasy world.

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