3033. A split second before salvation.     AR AR

It's  only  captain's  meekness  that  can  save  his  sinking  ship.  "All  for  the  best,  he  thinks,  "as  God  knows  better  how  we  should  live".  

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3.247.     AR AR

Do not be surprised at anything and you will be saved from any adversity.

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3.399.     AR AR

You will be tempted by salvation, but you do not succumb to temptations and then you will be really saved.

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4.905.     AR AR

When you Wake up, you will feel an extraordinary lightness and an inner voice will tell you that you have found salvation.

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6.217.     AR AR

Unhappy looking for salvation than the devil is, take the easy way and cheap drugs.

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9.6680.     AR AR

Perhaps our trials are only a path to good, or perhaps salvation from other, even more terrible misfortunes.

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9.1766.     AR AR

Salvation  is  love.  No  Love,  no  salvation.

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3.310.     AR AR

Truth is joyful, truth is the salvation of the soul

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6.587.     AR AR

Suffer? Scary? You don't know what to do? Full of doubt and indecision? "We'll help you." Of course, if you want to, because you can only save someone who wants to save himself.

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10.830.     AR AR

The concept of salvation in Christianity is salvation from slavery.  The slaves of idols and vices desire freedom.  Christianity promises freedom to those who are willing to repent and change their minds.

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4.1316.     AR AR

The symbol of the Princess on the pea is a symbol of unbearable suffering of people who want to find salvation from suffering in comfort.

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4.1597.     AR AR

The illusion of salvation is perhaps the lie that kills the last chance of salvation. When moths fly into the fire, they seem to hope to escape the cold and fear of the night.

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10.3029. A saving thought.     AR AR

Wait and you will be given.  But what exactly will you be given?  Insight and thought!  Having received the decision, it is necessary to reject fear and instantly to start its realization.

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10.3066. True vision.     AR AR

Jesus ' healing of the blind is a metaphor for enlightenment.  Jesus gives people his vision of reality.  Reality is beautiful, having gained sight, people comprehend love and joy.

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10.4905.     AR AR

If you do not like the wheel in which you run, it must be ruthlessly broken.

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10.5579.     AR AR

When the sinner is extremely annoying to suffer, he may look for the righteous, and it will inspire in him the hope that salvation is, and its voluntary burn in hell completely optional process.  Hell is an act of good will and pride.  He climbed into the pot, he suffers... Why?

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10.5937.     AR AR

Dichotomous black-and-white thinking is the idealistic thinking of large forms.  A situation where details are not visible.  If you look at the smallest details, the dichotomy will disappear and people will find that the world is not black and white, and color.  Together with the dichotomy will disappear pain, suffering, fear, anger, pride, etc.

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10.6272. The saving fire.     AR AR

Idols-trees live longer than animals.  To limit the power of idols, nature invented lightning and fire.

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10.6525.     AR AR

Are you looking for salvation?  You're a liar!  You want to save your illusions!  It is impossible to save what is not there.

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10.6526. The medicine is worse than the disease.     AR AR

The painkiller is a lifeguard, from which you will have to save yourself later.

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10.6527. Escape from the whip.     AR AR

Salvation is an active process, not a passive one.  On the other hand, when you twitch from fear, it is not an activity.  Any action born of fear is passivity.

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10.1734. Salvation.     AR AR

A man cannot be saved by saving a man, you only prolong and aggravate his suffering ...but a man can save himself. 
"Does he need help?" 
- I've always been in the way.

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5.284.     AR AR

There is enough information in the gospel to save the soul. Another thing is that so often it happens that the save has nothing. In this case, when an empty person opens the gospel, he sees nothing in it, except a scattering of meaningless words, devoid of any hope of salvation.

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4.915.     AR AR

It   is   written   at   the   entrance   to   hell:   Abandon   all   hope,   ye   who   enter   here.   The   key   to   salvation   is   hidden   in   plain   sight.   As   soon   as   you   lose   your   hope   and   achieve   resignation,   your   wish   will   come   true.

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10.1648. Salvation from himself.     AR AR

Salvation from whom? 
"From the one who enslaved you, you live in the thrall of your illusions.  Your Self is an illusion that creates illusions...

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9.7477.     AR AR

To escape, I threw the TV, but the devil is cunning ... Throw the phone and laptop is much more difficult…

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9.6806. Eviction from Eden is Salvation..     AR AR

The   eviction   from   Eden   was   linked   with   emergence   of   human   mind.   Eden   and   mind   are   incompatible,   happy   idiots   are   deprived   of   any   mind.   Mind   devolves   and   dies   in   Eden.

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9.3800. Real crime.     AR AR

Capital   punishment   is   a   salvation   and   mercy   for   many   criminals,   their   yearning   for   self-destruction   makes   them   happy.   A   suicide   is   happy,   but   he   can   be   punished   with   a   terrifying      and   very   long   life.  

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