7.65. How to start the brain.   AR AR

It is desirable to achieve enlightenment in seclusion or solitude, otherwise, it is difficult to avoid interference and the influence of people who distort the brain and prevent start thinking independently.

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4.905.   AR AR

When you Wake up, you will feel an extraordinary lightness and an inner voice will tell you that you have found salvation.

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4.904. Enlightenment Frame.   AR AR

The remedy you're looking for is right here, in front of you, above you... You sleep, open your eyes and on the branch above him you will see what you are missing.

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5.419.   AR AR

Sound philosophy is the source of happiness, for it awakens reason, and reason is the capacity for love and happiness.

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5.886. A metaphor for waking the mind from fear.   AR AR

The point is that if you take a step into the abyss, nothing will happen except that you will come down from heaven to earth, leaving the world of your illusions and fears, you will Wake up in the real world.

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6.347. Humility is enlightenment and the realization of truth.   AR AR

The truth is perceived through its denial, at first you try to deny the truth, but when you realize that it is useless, you accept reality. This is how enlightenment happens.

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6.680. A sense of power.   AR AR

Enlightenment is when you understand everything, and it gives you the power and authority to control reality, to notice the smallest details, to feel the connections of causes and their consequences.

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7.515.   AR AR

Enlightenment  is  when  you  do  not  even  need  hope  to  have  faith.

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10.302.   AR AR

What is enlightenment?  Awareness of your own nature? 
"That's it?"  Why so little?  Once I was enlightened 4396 days in a row, and still around me was no brighter than in a moonless and cloudless night.

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10.407.   AR AR

"What is enlightenment?" 
"Accept and thank." 
"Should I give?" 
- That's gratitude.

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10.6424.   AR AR


10.6226.   AR AR


10.6225.   AR AR


10.5983.   AR AR

Comprehension of the meaning and mission of your life is connected with the realization of every detail.  Enlightenment is when all the puzzles fell into place, and there was nothing superfluous.

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10.5974.   AR AR

Love is a force that destroys the form of objects, releasing energy.  When you love, you see through the form, you see energy, and you feed on that energy.  Energy fills you with strength and inspiration.  You look at any object or even thought, and you, seeing its essence, overflowing with delight and energy.  The thought that you are surrounded by the most beautiful world, gives delight and enlightenment.

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10.5933.   AR AR

Enlightenment is when you reduce everything to one, and from one you can create everything.  Truth is complete, God is all.  The truth is when there are no unnecessary or useless details.  Truth is the unity of all extremes and their fulfillment.

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10.5931. He who has found does not need light.   AR AR

The one who saw is the one who took his eyes away from the blinding light of the idols and peered into the darkness.  The one who has seen is the one who in darkness has seen the moon and stars.

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10.5717.   AR AR

Light is an illusion of the mind, because light is just a feature of the human eye.  If a man sees, he will see that all that he considers darkness are also different forms of light.

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