4.16. Leave the Hippo alone.     AR AR

It's not an easy job dragging a Hippo out of the swamp...  Hippo resists and does not want to leave his warm and cozy home.

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4.822.     AR AR

When you come to a dead end, be like water. Look for cracks, workarounds, overflow, but do not stand and do not turn into a swamp.

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9.691. Munchauzen didn't lie.     AR AR

Pull  oneself  from  the  mire  by  hairs...  along  with  a  horse/  Incredible!  But  philosophers  claim  that  one  can  make  one's  own  entertainment.  Thousands  of  books  assure  it's  up  to  us.

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10.359.     AR AR

One day we went after the blind and got up to our ears in the swamp.  As it turned out later, 30 meters in side was normal the path.

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