Komplex méněcennosti






10.5402.     AR AR

The inferiority complex is incompatible with loving people because it turns love into fear.

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10.5428.     AR AR

Don't judge, because when you judge, you feed your demons by awakening either an inferiority complex or a megalomania.

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10.5479.     AR AR

Vanity is the lack of love, the main symptom of the inferiority complex and megalomania that compensates for it.

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10.5792.     AR AR

Breaking the dream of yourself with reality creates an inferiority complex and a lot of other reasons to cry.

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3.962.     AR AR

Interestingly, the small pride comes from their megalomania.  And the pride of the big ones stems from their inferiority complex.  The little ones suffer from megalomania, and the big ones suffer from inferiority complex. 

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8.3877. The cause of pain.     AR AR

Comparing  yourself  to  other  people  leads  either  to  arrogance  or  to  depression  and  dejection  due  to  an  inferiority  complex.  Both  are  sins  and,  consequently,  a  source  of  big  problems.

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10.1669.     AR AR

Self-abasement breeds pride.  It is impossible to separate the inferiority complex from delusions of grandeur.

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10.1771. King of the mountain.     AR AR

The infinitely small is no less than the infinitely large, which is why the inferiority complex is inseparable from megalomania.  Pride is a lie about being superior to a pile of manure.

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10.3024.     AR AR

Blessed are the poor in spirit, because they have managed to get rid of the inferiority complex and megalomania.  The endless split personality and the war were over.  Within was incurred pleasant integrity and purposefulness.

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10.3939.     AR AR

Try to finish all that you undertake.  Unfinished business reduces self-esteem and generates an inferiority complex.

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10.5427.     AR AR

What can I tell you about the inferiority complex?  I haven't seen people who don't have it.  I, for one, have a monstrous inferiority complex that barely makes up for an equally enormous megalomania.  Ideally, these two are compensated and become dispassionate.

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10.5481.     AR AR

You can't suppress your inferiority complex.  You can't suppress your delusions of grandeur.  Let these two suppress each other, then you will attain the virtue of dispassion.  If you suppress yourself, one of your vices will grow and devour you.

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