3.283.   AR AR

Passion   is   what   is   held   back.   A   dam   is   needed   for   passion   to   emerge.

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5.91.   AR AR

There is a deep meaning in getting rid of desires.  Getting rid of desires trains willpower and teaches restraint.  However, before you get rid of something, you need to have it.  Getting rid of desires is useful only for those who have already known passion. 

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3.282.   AR AR

The   avaricious   understand   love   as   passion.   The   greedy   understand   love   as   pity.

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3.281.   AR AR

Passion is greed, which means pride.

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6.28.   AR AR

The Trunks of the ring of power of Sauron, the perfect image of what makes a weak passion.  The power ring gives power and sucking it from his master, filling his soul with pleasure and fear of losing him.

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2445. 3 ways to deprive oneself of joy.   AR AR

Having  too  much  fun  leads  to  chronic  boredom. 
Too  many  pleasures  make  life  seem  weary. 
A  passion  that  is  too  strong  kills  love...  having  become  replete,  it  dies  away  really  fast. 

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4.145.   AR AR

Passion is an interstellar flight, and love is a ritual of entering orbit. The ritual rotation of the planet Earth around the Sun is love.

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4.490.   AR AR

Passion is the acceleration, fear – braking. And the, and the need, but question – as often and why?

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4.779.   AR AR

Love this there is humility, the absence of humility there is passion.

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4.926.   AR AR

We known three amplifier fantasies that turn into reality. Fear, faith and passion.

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4.937.   AR AR

Love is when faith is greater than hope. Truth is when faith is greater than hope. Love and truth are one and the same. When hope is greater than faith, it is passion, that is, falsehood.

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4.954.   AR AR

Seeds than less, the better. Pleasure needs to be stretched. Big and tasty seeds generate passion and obesity. Seeds are very high in calories.

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5.182.   AR AR

Adam and eve were not banished from Paradise, but rather, having experienced passion, ate apples and fell asleep. And now they're having a nightmare.

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8.6490.   AR AR

Love  is  the  easiest  way  to  overcome  laziness.  When  passion  consumes  you,  you  do  not  feel  lazy  to  do  all  kind  of  foolish  things.

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5.50. A burned-out light bulb.   AR AR

That passion has died, it must either stop enduring hardness, or to begin to fit and inflate even more. 

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5.64.   AR AR

Despondency and passion are one and the same.  The only difference between them is which side of the barricades watching.  In fact, despondency is greed.  In the absence of faith man is not ready to achieve beauty and so turns into darkness. 

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6.15.   AR AR

There is love, and there are those relationships between a man and a woman, which they call love.  The second is passion, i.e. lies and drug addiction. 

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6.58.   AR AR

Passion is insatiable, it is like fire - the more you feed, the hotter...  But soon the power will run out and with them the desire.

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7.27.   AR AR

If you have tasted passion, you can get rid of it now only by overeating it.  Eat until you're tired or poisoned.

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