9.8041.     AR AR

Tactics   is   the   art   of   achieving   the   goal.   Strategy   is   the   art   of   setting   right   goals.

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9.8064.     AR AR

Philosophy  is  the  strategy  and  tactic  of  thinking.

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3.2009. Practice and theory.     AR AR

Strategy   is   what   is   the   general,   i.e.   a   forest.   Tactics   is   the   private,   i.e.   trees.   The   strategy/tactics   relationship   is   the   dialectic   union   of   the   forest   and   the   trees.

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7.2070.     AR AR

You  should  learn  the  theory  better  if  you  don't  know  what  to  do.  Strategy  is  knowledge  what  to  do.  If  you  know  what  to  do,  but  fail,  you  should  train  more.  The  tactic  is  practice.

Přeložit: Варвара Учеваткина


7.3129. Mao’s strategy.     AR AR

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7.2072. You will fall victim to shadows and windmills until you become aware of the problem.     AR AR

Your   understanding   of   your   problems   and   awareness   of   them   is   the   strategic   level   of   reasoning.   Then   you   should   move   to   the   tactical   level   and   do   hard   training   to   resolve   the   problem.

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7.5266. Is there no way out?     AR AR

Stereotypical  thinking  provides  only  one  reasonable  option,  strategic  thinking  gives  access  to  endless  number  of  action  options.

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8.1511. The strategy of a drop.     AR AR

Persistence  makes  it  possible  to  work  out  any  issue. 

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7.2529.     AR AR

The   conscious   is   a   superstructure   over   the   unconscious   that   deals   with   strategic   issues.   The   unconscious   deals   with   tactic   issues   which   are   more   numerous.   Strategy   is   the   government,   the   president   and   the   general   staff.   All   that   is   below   is   the   tactic   level.

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7.2952.     AR AR

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8.1512. The strategy of a bulldog.     AR AR

Sink  teeth  into  and  don't  let  go. 

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9.1575. The third strategy of flies.     AR AR

-  Excuse  me!  ...  excuse  me!  -  and  persistently  buzzing,  push  through  the  crowd  to  the  food.

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9.1576. The second strategy of flies.     AR AR

While  frenetically  buzzing  and  flying  above  the  food,  look  for  a  window  of  opportunities.

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9.1580. Fly strategy №1.     AR AR

They  go  through  all  the  cracks  and  windows.  They  are  small  and  very  mobile.  One  doesn’t  even  want  to  eat  them,  as  they  are  small  and  not  tasty.

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9.3137. Fish strategy.     AR AR

Swimming  against  the  stream  means  there  is  more  food  around  you  than  while  going  with  the  stream.  Because  everything  that  flows  by  you  can  be  caught  and  swallowed  by  you.

Přeložit: Muhortova Natalie


8.1632. Decentralized blow.     AR AR

The  citadel  is  well-protected,  our  goals  do  not  give  up  easily.  It's  possible  to  starve  them  into  surrender  or  hit  concentrated  blows  but  the  enemy  is  well-protected  and  doesn't  give  any  chance. 

The  modern  strategy  of  fighting  implies  decentralized  blows.  The  antiaircraft  defense  of  the  opponent  is  unable  to  defeat  the  simultaneous  attack  of  many  thousands  of  little  rockets. 

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9.3138. Woodpecker strategy.     AR AR

In  order  to  find  food,  you  should  peck.

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8.4163. The strategy of Impromptu.     AR AR

Life   demands   chess   strategy...   while   performing   a   study,   at   some   critical   moment   it's   necessary   to   step   sideward   and   perform   a   sudden   and   beautiful   spur-of-the-moment   action.

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Art by Amateur (Datsenko)



9.3139. Hungry dog strategy.     AR AR

Wriggle  the  tail  and  perhaps  they  will  feed  you.

Přeložit: Muhortova Natalie


8.8789. Two strategies.     AR AR

The  strategy  of  chaos  consumes  less  energy.  It's  a  strategy  of  new  life,  strategy  of  weakness.  The  strategy  of  light  is  direct  and  very  strong,  it's  a  strategy  of  strength.  It  demands  great  sources  of  energy.

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