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3.20. You'll separate the chaff from the grain on your own.     AR AR

The   chaff   and   the   grain   are   as   united   as   bread   and   salt,   flies   and   the   soup   or   honey   and   tar.

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3.53.     AR AR

Resignation   is   the   ability   to   separate   the   wheat   from   the   chaff,   honey   from   tar   and   soup   from   flies.   Otherwise,   you   will   remain   without   soup,   honey   and   bread.

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3.55.     AR AR

The   point   of   resignation   is   the   realization   that   you   cannot   separate   the   wheat   from   the   chaff   before   the   crop   is   ripe.

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6.731. On whose soul the devil comes.     AR AR

The wheat from the chaff differ only in the explanation. The motives of Vice turn the grain in the chaff. The worm of sin and decay is the T-marker, which marks the chaff, damaged defect.

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3.818.     AR AR

From   a   pragmatic   point   of   view,   games   and   other   vices   separating   the   chaff   from   the   grain   are   useful   for   the   system.   One   less,   more   for   the   rest.   God   will   punish   those   who   have   no   love   in   them   by   taking   time   from   them.   On   the   other   hand,   everyone   knows   movies   about   zombie   apocalypses,   and   these   scenarios   have   nothing   good   about   them.   Some   sound   balance   is   needed.

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3.922. The book of order.     AR AR

The   point   of   Variothoughts   is   to   put   things   in   order   by   defining   precisely   what   is   what   and   by   separating   the   chaff   from   the   grain.   Truth   from   lie.   Good   from   bad.   Good   from   evil…

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7.691.     AR AR

The devil is a Reaper, he harvests human souls, tempting people, he separates the grain from the chaff.

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3.943. The rage of love.     AR AR

A   person   is   ready   to   do   any   stupid   thing   in   the   name   of   his   love.   The   rage   of   love   makes   the   entire   world   serve   it.   The   world   resists   the   rage   of   love   but…   it   only   makes   it   stronger.   When   it   encounters   a   dam   on   its   path,   love   accumulates   its   rage   with   joyful   enthusiasm,   thus   acquiring   a   cosmic   strength.   The   most   important   thing   is   to   resist   temptation   and   under   no   pretext   (especially   a   good   one)   to   leave   the   true   path.   The   devil   makes   the   chosen   one   go   through   fire   and   water   in   order   to   separate   the   chaff   from   the   grain.   The   grain   is   true   love   and   the   chaff   is   false   love.

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10.772.     AR AR

Grains and chaff - there is a metaphor of sunflower seeds and husks.  Seeds can be cleaned from the husk, and you can press the oil out of them, and cake to feed animals.

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3.1173.     AR AR

It's   not   allowed   to   separate   the   wheat   from   the   chuff   till   the   full   ripening   of   the   harvest,   as   the   goal   of   an   object   changes   it's   nature   and   until   the   object   find   the   purpose   of   its   existence,   it's   undefined.   It   can   change   it's   goals   many   times   as   it   ripens

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3.960.     AR AR

To get rid of errors, you need to check, make and redo from 3 to 7 times.  To get rid of random mistakes, you need to love your job.  Love is a defense against chance.  Chance is what separates the wheat from the chaff.

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3.1507.     AR AR

In   the   chaff   and   wheat   system,   chaff   is   a   cheese   rind,   a   potato   skin,   a   nut   kernel   and   a   camouflage   net.

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4.344.     AR AR

There is no garden without weeds. No rose without thorns. No barrel of honey without a fly in the ointment. There is no grain without chaff.

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4.908.     AR AR

How to separate the wheat from the chaff? Very easy, grains courageous and brave and cowardly chaff. The tares will sink like flies in syrup, and the grains will rush towards the light of love and truth. The seeds will gain faith and give rise, and the tares will perish in the darkness of doubt. The grains will go to fear, and the tares will run from fear.

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4.1993.     AR AR

A fly in the ointment turns a barrel of honey into a barrel of shit. But it's all ignorance. You just don't know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. In the gold ore of gold not more than 3% in fact, it is a spoon of honey in barrel of shit.

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6.5411.     AR AR

Neurotics do not know how to separate the wheat from the chaff, and therefore live in hell, because in the real world truth is always mixed with lies.

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4.910.     AR AR

He who in fear and anger cowardly running or viciously attacks, he is the chaff. Throw a stone at them they will hiss, is a snake.

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10.5861. Dynamic wave process.     AR AR

Until the moment of death it is impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff, because life is movement.  As long as there is life, there will be no finished result.  Grains turn into chaff, the chaff in the grain.

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5.168.     AR AR

Idealists, neurotics and evil. You know the tares by their aggression, lies, laziness, fear and suffering. Angels are good, for there is no falsehood in them, and therefore no fear and malice.

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5.729.     AR AR

The fallen demons are guardians of the peace of sleep, the druids of the forest. The challenge of the demons to clear the grain from the chaff, and to monitor the quality of the forest.

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10.6202.     AR AR

Natural selection in human society works cunningly.  The tares kill themselves, and the grains grow and thrive in the absence of strong competition.

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10.6139.     AR AR

Truth is a theory that grows well and productively in practice, and falsehood is an imperfect and defective grain, chaff that grows poorly and unproductively.  Truth grains are scalable, fruitful, and useful.  The tares of lies do not grow, are unfruitful and useless.

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5.736.     AR AR

This, until the hand sows, for they do not know where's the harm, where is the benefit, where the seeds where chaff... In the ground the seeds will fall and not rise, and might grow up everything.

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6.5676.     AR AR

What you sow, you reap-it's a lie, you reap a hundred times more plus the chaff.

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9.9043.     AR AR

Evil   is   useful,   since   one   evil   protects   you   from   another   evil.   Nature   abhors   a   vacuum,   and   you   will   have   time   to   separate   the   wheat   from   the   chaff   before   crop   harvesting.

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10.6585.     AR AR

The devil is the Lord Reaper, the right hand of God, whose task is to separate the grain from the chaff.  The grains are those in whom there is love, and the tares are defective grains in which love, alas, did not happen...

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7.500. Separating grain from chaff.     AR AR

The   fact   is,   they   tempt   you   on   purpose   to   check   for   rottenness.   Those   who   resist   temptation   go   to   paradise   and   those   who   fail   go   to   hell…

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Art by Karina Bivaylova



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