10.6295.     AR AR

Business and any business grows in the following way.  You run like a squirrel in a cage.  Then, with incredible effort, you move to a higher level.  And your income increases.  Then you run again.  And again you perform a feat.  And again you go to a higher level.  Each energy level corresponds to its own stable income level.

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9.7968.     AR AR

Many  people  are  scared  of  high  salaries.  They  think  that  the  higher  a  salary  is,  the  more  work  they  will  have  to  do  but  they  dislike  working.

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9.6778. A blessing in disguise.     AR AR

You   may   often   hear   that   smart   and   skillful   people   have   to   work   for   the   stupid   unskillful.   The   reason   is   that   no   one   wants   to   hire   stupid   useless   people   and   pay   them   well,   so   as   a   result,   they   have   to   figure   out   how   to   survive   and   start   their   own   business.

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9.6453.     AR AR

A  person's  wage  consists  of  a  unique  combination  of  this  person's  skills  and  knowledge.  The  more  unique  and  useful  this  combination  for  the  creation  of  earned  value  is,  the  higher  wage  a  person  gets.

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9.6360.     AR AR

By  saving  up  some  money  from  every  salary,  soon  you'll  be  able  to  sum  up  savings  so  that  to  have  an  opportunity  to  easily  quit  your  previous  job  and  get  a  better  one.

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7.169.     AR AR

If you're fired, be happy and look for a job with a promotion.

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4112.   AR AR

Career  and  salary  growth  is  possible  only  for  those  who  grow.  There's  no  growth  provided  for  those  who  only  devolve  and  morally  corrupt.

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2283.     AR AR

Any  salary  no  matter  how  high  will  be  fully  wasted  by  the  end  of  the  month. 

There  are  only  several  obstacles  to  prevent  wasting  the  whole  salary  before  getting  the  next  one,  namely  physical  lack  of  time  or  saving  up  some  money  right  after  getting  the  whole  sum  at  some  inaccessible  place. 

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9.1911.     AR AR

A  salary  is  a  very  personal  thing,  no  one  should  see  it  naked  except  you  and  its  parents.

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6.2405.     AR AR

If you want to get a raise in the salary-first very well and work hard, and having achieved perfection and admiration of the authorities, quit. People have little value for what is good, but the threat of possible loss forces them to reconsider their scale of values.

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4.4274. Paranoid.     AR AR

A person, falling into dependence on a large salary, begins to experience a paranoid fear of losing his job.

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4.4273.     AR AR

A man dependent on pleasure, no matter how much he earns, all he will not be enough. The more he earns, the more he will be tormented by fear. The fear that his paycheck would disappear and he would be without the drug. 

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8.126.     AR AR

It's  wrong  to  link  a  salary  with  the  level  of  education  as  the  level  of  wits  is  a  more  useful  thing. 

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