6.3717.   AR AR

The humiliation of the body has nothing to do with the fall of the spirit. Therefore, torment and desecration of the body for the righteous nothing.

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6.4247.   AR AR

What does it mean to disgrace a man? What does disgrace mean? Now that the truth is known to everyone, is it a shame? Isn't that a shame?

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6.5063. What a shame to those who light?   AR AR

Loyalty to the truth leads to shame, devoid of faith cowards, like fire, are afraid of shame, but he who serves the truth is fire.

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6.5064.   AR AR

Fools are very afraid and ashamed that someone finds out about their stupidity. But shame is nothing to him who serves the truth, he who is always in the light knows neither shame nor fear.

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7.2403.   AR AR

Who gives an answer without listening, he is stupid and shame on him.... Сh.  18,  v.  13.

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7.6968.   AR AR

There  isn't  more  shameful  slavery  than  a  voluntary  one.  Slaves  of  their  own  vices  despise  even  themselves.

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9.1427.   AR AR

Publicly not to disrupt people with mask. One should tear off masks and scold people one on one, unless it is a public execution designed to frighten others. Most people are afraid of public humiliation.

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9.6701.   AR AR

Their defeats, shame and other traumatic factors should be thrown out of the head as quickly as possible, because it is said: "Nothing outside can defile us."

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10.1828.   AR AR

People live like animals and it is always painful for a real person to see such humiliation of the mind.

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