7.2448.   AR AR

They  say,  humor  is  a  property  of  reason.  Not  exactly.  Idiots  like  joking  too,  but  his  jokes  are  foolish.  Moreover,  for  a  smart  one  humor  is  are,  while  for  a  stupid  one  it's  a  sticky  pleasure.

Přeložit: Варвара Учеваткина


7.1185.   AR AR

Intelligent  people  take  stupidities  with  humor  while  fools  take  them  very  seriously.

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6.6580. Seconds before the explosion.   AR AR

The difficult situation that you cannot change the seconds before the explosion should respond and de-escalate her approval and humor.

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5.3668.   AR AR

A squirrel trapped in a wheel has no sense of humor, it is too serious... if she had laughed and flopped on her ass, the wheel would have spun her around and thrown her out.

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5.3504.   AR AR

Attitude with humor to the fact that a good lot of bad... it means that and bad a lot of good.

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5.2069.   AR AR

Below the dam of the conflict is not full, it makes sense to find an extra reason to escape. You will help joke, urgent, emotional, escape, etc.

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4.1339.   AR AR

They're not only afraid of being funny. They are afraid to appear stupid and weak, ugly and bad. They fear that they are not admired or loved... These people are literally filled with fear. Demons fears literally driving them crazy.

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10.900.   AR AR

Rituals provide unity people, unity this love.  Life is a movement, so that rituals do not become boring, the action requires humor, beauty and diversity.

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10.512.   AR AR

Laughter robs things of pride.

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10.507.   AR AR

The path of knowledge is the path of love, laughter and joy.  To know a thing, it must smile, that is, love.

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8.539.   AR AR

Humor  really  helps  to  put  up  with  personal  stupidity. 

Přeložit: Muhortova Natalie


7.751.   AR AR

One  should  treat  non-deadly  errors  ironically.

Přeložit: Варвара Учеваткина


7.742.   AR AR

Humor  is  a  great  way  to  talk  to  fools.  Taking  fools  seriously  is  stupid.

Přeložit: lushchenko Marina


3593.   AR AR

The  truth  is  the  salt  of  a  joke.  As  any  joke  is  tasteless  without  any  salt. 

Přeložit: Muhortova Natalie


3434.   AR AR

Absurd  and  humor  are  the  only  sensible  ways  of  telling  the  truth. 

Přeložit: Muhortova Natalie


2372. The philosophers' stone.   AR AR

Something  is  funny  when  it's  unexpected. 
Something  is  scary  when  it's  unexpected. 
Something  is  surprising  when  it's  unexpected. 
Something  is  interesting  when  it's  unexpected. 
Something  is  effective  when  it's  unexpected. 

Přeložit: Muhortova Natalie


1857.   AR AR

The  truth  that  goes  together  with  a  joke,  can  easily  get  there  where  it  would  never  get  without  a  joke. 

Přeložit: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Martin Anderson



926.   AR AR

The  harder  and  worse  life  is,  the  more  humor  and  funny  moments  in  it. 

Přeložit: Muhortova Natalie


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