3.359.     AR AR

Resignation   is   when   you   realize   life   is   a   game.   Having   realized   that   life   is   a   game,   you   will   lose   fear   and,   in   return,   you   will   acquire   vehemence.

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3.985.     AR AR

Life is a game.  The real game is bluff and deception, strategy and tactics, uncertainty and regularity.  If the game is dominated by certainty and regularity-this is not a game ...the excitement disappears and self-destructive boredom begins.

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6.689. Excitement.     AR AR

Can you beat the devil? Can you find freedom?

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6.703.     AR AR

The main passion of the dream is to achieve the unattainable.

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3.1325.     AR AR

The most dangerous thing in gambling is to win.  If you win, you become a slave to the game and a drug addict.

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3.1724.     AR AR

Life is war.  Life is a game.  To fight playfully and with passion, that's what happiness is.

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3.2029.     AR AR

Excitement is a great cure for fear.

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9.7787. Who will win? You or fear?     AR AR

Fear  should  be  treated  with  reckless  abandon.

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10.4351.     AR AR

Gambling is the sin of theft, for there is a desire to receive without giving anything in return.

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6.1240.     AR AR

People like their roles so much that they are ready to play them only for fun and excitement.

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6.1520. Treat fear with passion.     AR AR

If fear be not afraid, it invigorates and very helpful.

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10.6456. Such a game.     AR AR

"Passion is the sister of excitement" this means that love is a game of chance.  You should approach the subject of your passion with passion, and not be afraid of failures and accidents.

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10.6765.     AR AR

Excitement is something like the anticipation of good sex.

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10.7027.     AR AR

False humility is fear.  True humility is passion and courage.

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10.2809.     AR AR

Passion, excitement, reward and love are all concepts of the same order.  The main motivational forces of the human soul.

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9.8875.     AR AR

Just  anticipation  of  pleasure  turns  the  human  brain  off    and  transfers  it  under  the  direct  control  of  subconscious  programs.  Anticipation  of  pleasure  is  linked  with  sex,  vehemence,  greed,  revenge  and  so  on.

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10.4371.     AR AR

Treat life as a game, it will give excitement, kill fear and generate happiness.

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10.6021. Game.     AR AR

Consciousness (Ego I) does not control the subconscious, and persuades him and prepares proposals.  In fact, it is a game, it will be possible or it will not be possible to lobby the offer.  The game should be treated with passion, it will, losing, do not lose heart.

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10.6019. Passion is the sister of passion.     AR AR

The conscious and the subconscious are constantly playing a game of whether the conscious can convince the subconscious.  The game should be treated with passion.  Account of victories and failures to write on paper.

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10.5609.     AR AR

Active position is when you choose your own problems.  Active position is joyful and reckless.  Passive attitude is when problems choose you.  The passive position is full of pain and fear.  On the other hand, you can imagine yourself as a fisherman, who threw the network and passively rejoices, waiting for the catch.

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