Morálka a morálka.






893.     AR AR

I  think  that  philosophy  and  ethics  are  a  matter  of  our  children's  survival.  Silliness  and  weakness  make  us  vulnerable  in  front  of  our  enemies  and  it  should  be  fought  with. 

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4.208.     AR AR

Of course, the human mind itself is able to create its own morality and can program its reactions, however, universal moral values allow a person to achieve unity with other people, thus increasing its strength and security. Belonging to the universe inspires one's faith.

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4.209.     AR AR

The moral subject tries to follow his self-established principles. And if he is also intelligent, in order to achieve unity with other moral people, he tries to bring his principles in accordance with universal moral principles. Universal principles to believe in, while actually invented the principles may be false.

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4.284. Mjolnir, Thor's hammer.     AR AR

The meaning of universal morality is that birds of the same plumage stick together. You can create your own moral principles, but then you risk being left alone, which will weaken you.

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4.31.     AR AR

To wean person to lie, you need to train in it the strength of spirit and moral philosophy.  A lying person is a weak and ignorant person.

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4.371.     AR AR

A fisherman sees a fisherman from afar. People of the same moral principles are like light in the night, see each other from afar.

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4.868.     AR AR

Morality and the mind is the means of fear. The moral and the sighted have nothing to fear.

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2956.     AR AR

A  strong-willed  morally  upstanding  person  doesn't  wish  to  be  in  power  or  in  control.  Such  a  person  may  be  in  control  and  obey  someone  only  because  it's  necessary  and  may  rule  only  because  there's  no  other  way  to  be. 

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4.906.     AR AR

Physical contagion is only a consequence of moral contagion. First the soul rots and only then the body.

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4.930.     AR AR

And what is morality and morality but habit and custom? They're used to doing that, and if they don't, their conscience will torture them. What can I advise them? Think of another habit.

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5.401.     AR AR

Principles are the basis of rational man, while animals are the slaves of instincts. Education, morals, and principles are the three cornerstones of self-respect. Indulging in animal sins and vices, a person loses self-respect and with it the strength of the spirit.

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10.3775.     AR AR

The laws of physics limit truth.  The real world is limited.  The laws of philosophy and morality are what limit human illusions.

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5.504.     AR AR

Talent, in order to acquire materiality, must cultivate high moral qualities.

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