3.77. The great joker.     AR AR

A   stem   cell   is   the   common   example   of   universal   nothingness   and   of   a   lie   that   can   grow   into   anything.   X   is   one   who   can   return   into   nothingness   and   again   become   everything   out   of   nothingness.

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9.27. Growing from the inside, you grow from the outside.     AR AR

There   is   no   need   to   cross   the   line,   there   is   Nothing   and   Emptiness   behind   it,   but   it's   necessary   to   expand   the   boundaries   using   Nothing   as   the   free   space   for   growth.   That   is,   it   is   necessary   to   grow   from   the   inside,   thereby   growing   from   the   outside.

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10.5224. Nothing and Nothing.     AR AR

There is only energy and information.  Information is an illusion.  But I'm telling you, there's nothing but Nothing and information.  Energy is also an illusion.

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10.5225.     AR AR

Time and space are ways of organizing and limiting energy that turn Nothing into reality.

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10.5874. Energy Is Nothing.     AR AR

The energy of faith is limitless.  Belief in uncertainty allows you to extract energy from what is not, from lies and fantasies.  Faith is the ability to draw energy from Nothing.  Being is infinite and unknowable, belief in Nothingness is an ocean of energy.

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10.3974. The sound in the silence.     AR AR

Focus on Nothing.  Nothing is water, in which swim two different things.

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10.3990.     AR AR

If you listen to the silence, you will notice that there is no silence.  There is no emptiness.  Nothing is what is not.

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10.1798.     AR AR

What does the enlightened one see but Nothing? 
"Nothing is everything. 

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10.2385.     AR AR

When you conquer contempt and realize that nothing is everything, you will see.

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9.5226.     AR AR

Fear  is  a  lie.  Fear  is  something  that  does  not  exist.  The  point  is,  Nothingness  separates  us  from  NOTHINGNESS.  You  can  disappear  in  Nothingness  at  any  time  and  nothing  will  save  you  besides  the  all-powerful  Karma.  So,  compared  to  the  danger  of  NOTHINGNESS,  all  other  fears  are  insignificant  and  ridiculous.

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9.4380. Stem person.     AR AR

A  person  originally  resembles  a  stem  cell.  As  long  as  you're  Nobody,  you  have  a  chance  to  be  Anyone  at  all.  Stem  cells  can  turn  into  any  other  cells  in  the  body.  Reverse  transformation  is  also  possible,  but  to  do  that  it's  necessary  to  self-destroy  and  become  Nothing  again.  It's  only  Nothing  that  can  turn  into  anything  at  all,  but  anything  at  all  can  only  turn  into  Nothing.

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