10.5564.     AR AR

Life is a system with a shifted balance towards the Golden ratio.

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9.7550. Harmony is about everything being very profitable to everyone.     AR AR

Considering  that  an  ideal  relationship  is  symbiosis  and  synergy,  in  which  the  sum  of  the  whole  is  way  higher  than  the  sum  of  details,  it’s  quite  normal  when  each  party  in  a  relationship  gets  much  more  than  it  gives,  which  is  very  profitable.

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9.7348. Harmony is the state of things that suits everyone.     AR AR

Harmony  is  the  state  of  things  that  suits  everyone.

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7.5618.     AR AR

The meaning of reverse harmony is to make it right, you need to do the opposite. To put the arrow forward, you need to pull the string back.

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10.6445.     AR AR

Harmony is the unity of illusion and reality, angels and demons, truth and lies, virtues and vices…

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6.3534.     AR AR

The beauty of the world lies in the harmony of emptiness and fullness.

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6.4792. Golden ratio.     AR AR

Restraint requires a sense of harmony and beauty. Too little restraint turns into greed and generates excess. Too much restraint turns into greed and creates a shortage.

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6.6131. Harmony of being.     AR AR

More is not better, more is too much. But less is not better, less is shortfall.

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7.5948.     AR AR

Truth is a balance of good and evil, and falsehood is a violation of their harmony.

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7.6073.     AR AR

Harmony is the balance of black and white order and color chaos.

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7.7190.     AR AR

In order to create, use the desire of nothing to perfection and harmony. Nothing desires not only not to be, but to be. Nothing wants to be admired and filled with beauty and harmony.

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9.6029.     AR AR

Harmony  is  the  combination  of  extremes.  Extremes  that  balance  each  other,  attain  harmony. 

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10.2543.     AR AR

Harmony and balance this when illusion and reality roughly coincide with each other.

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10.3976.     AR AR

Harmony is integrity and completeness.

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10.5539.     AR AR

Harmony is the truth.  Truth is reality, the real world is harmonized.

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10.2551.     AR AR

Our world is an electric car that rolls on the wheels of love, where love is a source of energy and Navigator in one person.  It is desirable that the mind be friends with love.  The elevation of reason breeds pride; the elevation of love transforms man into an animal.  Need harmony.

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10.2872. Heaven and hell.     AR AR

Planets are different.  Harmonious man is the planet Earth.  Such planets as Mars, mercury, Venus, Jupiter and others live in hell.

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10.4943.     AR AR

Order thinks of one thing, chaos thinks of many things at once.  The more you think, the more you are chaos.  On the other hand, harmony is the unity of the forest and its trees.

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