10.6605.   AR AR


10.6534.   AR AR


10.6532.   AR AR


10.6513.   AR AR


10.6241.   AR AR


10.6053.   AR AR

Out of a sense of self-preservation, refrain from Masturbation.  Otherwise, procrastination, laziness and complete decline of all your Affairs will twist you.  Masturbation is weakening, draining your energy and casting down of spirit.

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10.5799.   AR AR

What does an idiot do?  He loves nothing, he is not interested in anything... 
- Masturbation?

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10.5785.   AR AR

Comfort, warmth and Masturbation make a person very sensitive to pain, and therefore cowardly and lazy.

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10.5644.   AR AR

Masturbation leads to fear.  Any pleasure devoid of enthusiasm breeds fear.  Masturbation turns a person into a coward and fills the soul with fear, laziness, procrastination and a lot of other pleasant impressions.

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10.5016.   AR AR

Masturbation is the inability to wait for a real treat.

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10.5013.   AR AR

Avoid quick and easy pleasures.  Quick joys and pleasures will turn you into a drug addict and destroy your life.

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10.5012. It gets worse.   AR AR

Masturbation breeds dependence from rapid short-term pleasure.  Onanists lose the ability to achieve long goals, fall into chronic procrastination.

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10.2418. A dreamer, lover.   AR AR

What happens when a wanker meets his love? 
- He plunges into Masturbation and sweet dreams.

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10.2123.   AR AR

Remember, Masturbation is not the meaning of your life.  Masturbation this a badge of absence of mission in life.  To onanism belong all species drug addiction and mindless pleasure, ranging from gambling addiction and lust, and ending gluttony, greed and endless travels.

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10.1730. Masturbation leads to obesity.   AR AR

Using food as a quick source of pleasure is the fastest way to obesity.  Using food as a source of pleasure is Masturbation.

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10.1155.   AR AR

Tell a masturbator that he loves only himself, he will start to object that he despises himself.  However, this man loves nothing but his pleasure.

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9.1302. Ancient advertising techniques.   AR AR

To  live  in  a  barrel  like  Diogenes  and  to  masturbate  in  public  is  a  common  provocation  aimed  at  drawing  attention  to  oneself  and  one’s  ideas.  To  be  fair,  however,  brainless  bird  songs  and  public  masturbation  are  probably  the  only  way  of  attracting  society’s  attention.  Have  people  ever  been  interested  in  anything  else?

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8.6362.   AR AR

Smart guys say that a person needs endorphins to be happy... I mean, it all comes down to chemistry, drugs ... fucking Addicts! Endorphins endorphins discord, it's one thing to make love and quite another Masturbation.

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6.6586.   AR AR

Freebie is a metaphor for Masturbation. Freeloaders want everything at once, and preferably for free. They're caught like rats in a trap.

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6.5611.   AR AR

Masturbation generates freeloaders, because it is the most free and worthless kind of pleasure. Relationships require work and striving for perfection, and self-satisfaction teaches that you do not need to work.

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6.3761.   AR AR

Masturbation is the ideal form of the temptation of Vice. Fast is no good, but rather intense pleasure.

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5.3517. Half-witted dog.   AR AR

They say Masturbation causes dementia... And correctly say... For the weak and foolish know no measure, and, falling into such an easy and quick pleasure, devote years to Masturbation, forgetting about school, work, family and relationships. Only can do is to masturbate all day, pulling away from the fun language.

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4.4329.   AR AR

Masturbation   is   terribly   harmful   for   boys,   because   it   creates   an   overdose   of   pleasure,   against   which   the   whole   world   becomes   extremely   nefarious   and   uninteresting,   which   means   laziness,   procrastination   and   apathy.

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4.4193.   AR AR

Masturbation greatly reduces self-esteem and undermines self-belief. Wankers are by nature cowardly and deceitful, because Masturbation leads to fear.

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4.4069.   AR AR

I would compare computer games to Masturbation. As Masturbation is a surrogate of true love, and victory in computer games is a pathetic parody of real victory. They say the hero is joyful. The masturbator also excited, but only the joy of having a fake is a fake.

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3.2643.   AR AR

I see Masturbation as the biggest problem of mankind, next to which global warming is a kindergarten.

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3.2521. Broken off is called.   AR AR

Masturbation prevents the development of empathy in a person, because it eliminates the main motive for establishing relations of cooperation with significant people of the opposite sex.

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3.2513. Sweet fantasy.   AR AR

It's okay that you have an inferiority complex.  Making up for it with megalomania isn't bad either.  The bad news is you're a wanker.  Don't get me wrong God in the face of your parents programmed you into mental challenges then you, feeling their inferiority, began to move and to improve their competence, and you instead indulge in sweet fantasies about their own greatness and do nothing.

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3.2484. A vicious circle.   AR AR

We see a big correlation between Masturbation and"impossibility of growth".  Moreover, the Masturbation slowing growth and the inability of growth gives rise to Masturbation.

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3.2483. The cause of universal evil.   AR AR

Freedom sex need a then, to protect people from harmful influence on personality Masturbation.

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3.2482.   AR AR

Masturbation love the boys, but the harmful effects of Masturbation in girls at times stronger.

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3.2474. What breeds idealism?   AR AR

Hell generates no idealism, and Masturbation.  In contrast to the free pleasure of illusions, the real world turns into hell.

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3.2471. A defective man.   AR AR

The person who considers the greatest value of existence the pleasure, we call the addict.     
"How do you know a junkie?"     
- The main features of a drug addict are pride, condescending negative attitude to people and the reality around, Masturbation, sticky dreaminess, narcissism, frustration, laziness, etc.

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