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8.6659. Idiocracy.     AR AR

By  defeating  evolution,  civilization  allowed  idiots  to  survive  and  flourish,  turning  them  into  the  primary  form  of  life.

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133.     AR AR

Many  things  happen  to  a  man 
because  he's  a  fool... 
including  good  things... 

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4.9.     AR AR

A fool is a person who is always waiting for something from the people around him.  A clever man expects nothing from fools.

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5.7. I’m a fool…     AR AR

Nothing  spoils  a  person  more  than  his  infinite  desire  to  criticize  or  to  give  valuable  advice…  The  two  common  cents  you  contribute  to  the  conversation  are  like  flies  in  a  soup.  Nobody  likes  flies,  so  remember  that  your  criticism,  moaning  and  valuable  advice  are  as  if  you  kept  saying  “I’m  a  fool,  I’m  a  fool,  I’m  a  fool”…

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10.7120. I can't deny myself the pleasure.     AR AR

I make stupid mistakes on purpose in order to become smarter and stronger.

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8.6612.     AR AR

If  everyone  think  you're  an  idiot,  you've  got  a  strategic  advantage.  Smile  more  often,  the  more  they  consider  you  idiot,  the  easier  life  is  for  you.

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3.98.     AR AR

Zombies only want to eat.  In addition to pleasure, zombies do not want anything else.

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8.6467.     AR AR

I  don't  believe  in  aliens  on  this  planet,  as  they  are  the  same  idiots  as  people,  and  for  sure,  self-destroyed  way  before  they  managed  to  master  intergalactic  flights.

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4.79.     AR AR

Rules are only for fools.  A fool without the rules of the terrible ills done.  However, fools don't like the rules, it seems terribly unfair that the rules are needed only for fools.  Fools think we'll get rid of the rules and be smart. 

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10.6759. Turn on stupidity.     AR AR

When you're not smart enough, use stupidity.  Stupidity is a mode of humbling the mind when it doesn't know what to do.

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4.42.     AR AR

I do not advise you to abuse memory training, the better a person's memory, the more he is an idiot.  Why would he?  He remembers everything by heart.  However, bad memory is also not a sign of a big mind.

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4.97. Children want to grow up quicker.     AR AR

Only   fools   want   to   grow   up   quicker   than   they   need.   The   longer   it   takes   you   to   grow   up,   the   better   you   will   succeed   in   getting   prepared   and   becoming   stronger.   Getting   more   prepared   for   the   big   game.

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5.67.     AR AR

A man has to accept that he's an idiot and move on.  Only humility can give a man a chance at wisdom.

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5.68. Fools are very afraid of being fools.     AR AR

The main reason for stupidity is that fools are very afraid that someone will find out about their stupidity.  Hidden behind the solid walls of their minds, stupidity grows and thrives. 

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1078.     AR AR

Ask  a  fool  "What  to  do"  and  do  the  opposite  of  what  he  tells. 

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8.14.     AR AR

It  is  easy  for  fools  to  live  in  the  sense  that  the  less  you  know,  the  better  you  sleep.

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3.49.     AR AR

You're a moron, but I respect your right to be a moron.

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8.47.     AR AR

It's  very  difficult  to  teach  fools  as  they  consider  themselves  smart  enough  not  to  learn  or  study  anything. 

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5.5171.     AR AR

Fools all mixed up, they put on shackles and chains and called it freedom. When you offer them real freedom, they say why you put chains on us.

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6.1260.     AR AR

I will prove to them that I am not a fool, - the person thinks... and makes the next stupidity.

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9.14. When very necessary.     AR AR

You often say: "Stop! Don't do it, you're not gonna make it..."You do not believe, not from them, it depends on your karma. If you have good karma, you will get even the most perilous thing, and if karma is bad, then nothing will save you from Nothing at all.

Another thing, what are you doing this for? If it's for fun or something stupid, you're an idiot... if it's for a cause, you're a hero.

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1019.     AR AR

Not  all  are  born  idiots  as  during  their  life  many  are  aimed  at  becoming  such  on  purpose. 

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1056. Laziness saves a fool.   AR AR

Laziness  is  a  trait  inherent  in  extremes.  Laziness  saves  the  world  from  a  fool.  Laziness  saves  a  fool  of  himself.  There's  nothing  scarier  than  an  energetic  fool.  There's  nothing  worse  than  a  spirited  wiseacre.  By  creating  the  monster,  nature  has  taken  care  to  ensure  that  this  creature  troubles  wouldn`t  cause  too  much  trouble.

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2209.     AR AR

The  loud  can  be  heard  better  and  be  more  noticeable.  Perhaps,  it's  because  the  one  crying  out  is  quite  sure  about  what  to  say.  Perhaps,  it's  something  important  and  urgent...  What  if  it's  a  danger  signal? 
-    What???  No...  He's  just  an  idiot!  -  What  a  pity... 

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2373. A show that brings pleasure in any case.     AR AR

We  like  people  who  managed  to  overcome  their  fears. 
And  we  look  at  them  and  think  that  if  they  managed  to  do  it,  than  we  can  do  it  too... 
And  this  thought,  this  belief  that  any  fear  can  be  overcome  makes  us  happy... 

But  we  also  like  to  see  that  someone  didn't  manage  to  overcome  some  fear  and  this  fear  finally  destroyed  that  person.  Yes,  without  any  doubt,  it  proves  we're  right  and  wise.  It's  not  for  nothing  how  we  find  wisdom  not  to  mess  with  our  fears.  We  say-  just  look  a  that  stupid  one  who  once  decided  to  defy  his  fears.  And  now  he's  smashed  by  them.  Ha  ha.  –  What  a  silly  person...  No  doubt  that  we're  smarter  and  more  careful  than  that  loser. 

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2386. How good things get bad.   AR AR

Humor,  jokes  and  fun  bring  pleasure,  of  course.  That's  good.  They  are  especially  relevant  when  things  are  bad  and  they  help  to  live  in  our  complicated  world.

But  I've  noticed  that  people  who  abuse  it  unnecessarily  start  to  look  like  idiots  for  some  reason.  Idiotic  joy,  idiotic  fun,  constant  idiotic  jokes  -  these  people  are  clearly  at  the  last  stage  of  degradation,  they  clearly  need  to  change  something  in  themselves.

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3344.     AR AR

A  fool  is  always  right. 

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4.316.     AR AR

Give the fool a rope and he'll hang himself. That for smart well, fool - death. Money and power are poison to a fool. Fool that do not let him spoil everything and he will perish.

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4.469.     AR AR

A reasonable man believes in miracles and a fool believes. Don't believe in miracles, and crazy nerds.

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4.541.     AR AR

Wisdom is happiness, fools suffer greatly.

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