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3.2379.     AR AR

The expansion of the universe happens with acceleration and the tightening of matter into a black hole the same happens with acceleration.  Coincidence?  "I don't think so."

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9.510.     AR AR

One   of   the   purposes   of   the   black   hole   is   recycling   of   all   the   matter   forms   and   turning   them   into   their   original   forms:   oxygen,   deuterium,   lithium   and   helium.

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9.354. Creating a new Universe.     AR AR

The   Universe   creation   process   isn’t   a   blast   from   a   point,   but   the   black   hole-like   puncture   out   of   neighboring   Universe   through   which   energy   from   the   neighboring   Universe   starts   to   outpour   into   ours,   filling   its   emptiness.   Basically,   it’s   like   a   start   of   a   new   child   process,   linked   with   the   parental   one.

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9.353.     AR AR

The   black   hole   is   the   very   point,   analogous   of   the   one   out   of   which   our   Universe   emerged.   It’s   a   super-conductive   energetic   channel,   puncture   into   the   space   of   Nothing,   where   energy   of   our   Universe   outpours,   creating   a   new   Universe   there.

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9.351.     AR AR

Black holes are energy channels with ultra-high pressure and low temperature, having superconductivity and designed to transmit energy, including in such States as matter and space.

It is believed that the peculiarity of black holes is their opacity for time and light. Time and light cannot penetrate black holes.

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5.706. Energy balance.     AR AR

We can assume that white holes (stars) and black holes are two mutually degenerating, related entities, on the one hand, it is a black hole, on the other - white.

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5.701. Pulsing universe.     AR AR

There  is  a  star  -  it's  a  white  hole  and  there  is  the  opposite  of  it  -  it's  a  black  hole.  Through  white  holes  energy  comes  to  our  universe,  through  black  it  is  utilized,  keeping  the  balance  of  energy.  White  holes  are  responsible  for  the  expansion  of  the  universe,  black  holes  are  responsible  for  compression.  The  older  the  universe,  the  less  white  holes  it  is,  and  the  more  black  holes  it  is.  Perhaps,  there  are  two  universes.  They  are  like  hourglass  smoothly  folded  to  a  point,  then  spread  out.  From  one  energy  flows  into  another  and  back  again.

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3.415.     AR AR

Black matter is the realization of the wave principle of creation. 

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3.390.     AR AR

They say stars create time, and black holes recycle it.

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