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8.8. Honor the truth, the other is idols.   AR AR

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3.69. Boredom is pain.   AR AR

Forgive me if the truth hurts or bores you, but I serve the truth, not idols.

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7.7565.   AR AR

Idols it dwarfs standing on gold trays. The real gods are as big as the whole world.

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7.7590.   AR AR

When you want to prostrate yourself before idols in admiration or fear, think. "You say they're beautiful?" Answer-peacocks are beautiful too. You say they're strong? "The beasts are strong. And what is human, what is worthy of admiration?

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7.7668. Dwarfs and Slaves.   AR AR

The idol is a dwarf on a Golden stand. Take the stand away from him. Make it yourself a stand to their feet. Make the dwarf clean his boots, and let his slaves pray on your feet.

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7.7720. Dwarfs on the curves of the stools.   AR AR

If you knew people like me, you'd never have the stupid idea of making an idol out of someone in your life.

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4.807.   AR AR

What you call loving a man is idolatry. True love is service to one's destiny.

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6.210. Key.   AR AR

All men are idolaters; they pray for themselves, for pleasures and pleasures, avarice, greed, lust, other passions, and other idols. For the most part their passions are low, high rare, but even they are the key.

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6.536. Idolaters.   AR AR

Patterns, stereotypes and tyranny are the result of idealism, that is, the creation of an idol from a sacred cow.

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6.767. God is reality, the whole world is God.   AR AR

Fire, Sun, or other representations of God are symbols and metaphors of God, but not God himself. God is not an idol. God is physics and mathematics. God is the philosophy, the truth, the form of things and their energy. God is beauty. God is ethics and morality. God is the law of life.

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6.870.   AR AR

Your idol worship may end with the question, " Why are you me and where am I?»

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8.524.   AR AR

Disappointment is often associated with charm. You first create idols for yourself, and then you realize that your idols are no better than their Creator.

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