10.4964.     AR AR

Chaos consists of order. Chaos is a lot of order. The greater the order, the greater the chaos ... Chaos is a superorder.

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8.1447.10.     AR AR

There  are  many  new  opportunities  hidden  in  chaos.  Chaos  is  a  source  of  novelty.  Iron  chains  of  order,  on  the  opposite,  tin  the  power  landscape. 

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10.5174. The spring pendulum is a swing.     AR AR

The tendency of a system to disintegrate is the tendency to grow.  However, the desire of the system to become a point is also a desire for growth.  And the, and the this growth, only with different sides.  On the one hand, chaos grows, on the other, order.

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10.5172.     AR AR

Chaos is energy.  Order is what makes chaos move not chaotically, but according to strictly defined algorithms.

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10.2954.     AR AR

The chaos of slavery and the slavery of order equally unpleasant for the slaves.  However, the struggle of slaveholders for slaves generates something similar to freedom at the level of the Golden mean.

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10.3290.     AR AR

God is chaos, which imagines something inside itself, creating order.  When one fantasy bothers him, he destroys it and creates a new one.  And so on indefinitely.

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10.4931.     AR AR

The whole is less detail.  The whole tree.  Details this wood.  Order is less chaos.  The procedure takes something out of the chaos and arranges it within himself.  Order is wood.  The forest is chaos.

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10.4932. Rational investment.     AR AR

Chaos is the source of order.  Chaos breeds an infinite number of the most different perfections.  Order takes what it wants out of chaos and puts it into the order it thinks is beautiful and perfect.  Chaos takes from order the fruits of its activities, growing at the expense of them.  In fact, order is a kind of investment of chaos.  I call this system a perpetual motion machine.  The more order structures chaos, the more chaos it becomes.

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10.4935. Do good and throw it in the water.     AR AR

Man is a tree of order that takes from the surrounding chaos what he needs and structures it into an ordered system.  The fruit that this system produces returns back to chaos, feeding it and serving as a source of energy for other ordered systems.

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10.4942.     AR AR

What is the difference between chaos and order?  The right thinking about yourself, chaos thinks about all.  The tree is selfish, but the forest loves its children.

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10.4946.     AR AR

Order is a machine that produces chaos out of chaos.  And it is an amazing and magical machine that produces more than it receives.  A machine that produces thousands of times more nothing out of nothing than it was. 
- How can you magnify anything? 
"Well, it's all an illusion.

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10.4947.     AR AR

Chaos is the ocean and space, in order that all its inhabitants.

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10.4948.     AR AR

The real God is chaos, for light arose from the chaos of darkness.  Chaos is the father of Order.

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10.4962.     AR AR

Order is the personification of fear.  In fact, order is the fear of chaos.

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10.1687.     AR AR

Enlightenment is the clarity of mind that transforms the chaos of the world into perfect order.  Where the muddy, frightened look of the ignorant and the fool sees chaos, the enlightened look of the intelligent man joyfully observes perfect order and strict regularities.

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10.5128. God is everything.     AR AR

Beauty is order, but chaos is also beauty.  Madness-reasonably and rationally.  Intuition and love are rational.

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9.8549. Median chaos.     AR AR

Extremes   have   strong   convictions   and   are   similar   to   form.   Chaos   and   uncertainty   are   raging   in   the   middle   of   this   system.

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9.8026. A catcher of contingencies.     AR AR

Chaos’   contingencies   are   almost   instantaneous.   Not   because   order   kills   them,   but   because   they   want   freedom   and   try   to   run   away   from   it.   Order   aims   to   catch   a   contingency   and   to   make   it   its   source   of   energy   by   turning   it   into   a   regularity.

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