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"Only   one   person   was   created",   metaphorically   it   means   that   all   mankind   is   one   soul   –   society.   A   great   many   people   are   no   more   than   billions   of   neurons   in   one   human   brain.

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7.2246.     AR AR

A person lives in a society and can not be considered separately from this society. For man himself is the totality of his reactions to external stimuli. In fact, the external environment programs a person, being the basis of his personality.

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10.4583.     AR AR

They say there are thousands of Caesars, but only one will cross the Rubicon, the one with the most love.  That's not exactly true.  All these hundreds of Caesars are one and the same entity, which eventually forms a team of like-minded people who all together will cross the Rubicon.  Caesar is not one person, it is a Society.

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The  borders  of  modern  socium-states  go  along  the  borders  of  culture  zones,  that’s  what  culture  expansion  is  needed  for,  as  it  anticipates  economic  expansion.

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9.8004. Human identity structure.     AR AR

The   four   essences   of   the   brain:   Mind,   Ego,   the   inner   IT,   the   social   IT   (outside   the   human).   Mind   and   Ego   are   in   the   neocortex.      The   IT   is   the   reptile   brain   (the   instincts)   and   the   limbic   brain   (feelings   and   emotions).   The   social   IT   is   in   the   socium   surrounding   the   human.  

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9.7885. Intelligence is not a virus but a fungus.     AR AR

A   human   community   looks   very   much   like   a   mycelium.

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9.4766.     AR AR

Capital   is   a   semi-intelligent   form   of   life   that   looks   like   cancer,   it’s   always   growing…   Big   capital   consumes   smaller   ones.   To   some   extent,   capital   can   be   compared   to   Alter   Ego   –   a   semi-intelligent   human   society.   Maybe   society   and   capital   are   two   masks   of   the   same   essence.  

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9.4621. Neurons     AR AR

God   is   a   socium.   There   exist   over   one   hundred   Gods   on   this   planet.   Each   reasonable   socium   is   a   God.   In   other   words,   a   total   of   several   hundreds   of   reasonable   beings   live   on   the   Earth.   Mind   is   civilization   and   socium,   civilization   is   God.   People   act   as   neurons   in   this   system.

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10.4627.     AR AR

They say a man is his social environment.  It's true.  But good books and dreams can overwrite a person, displacing the influence of society.

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God is the point.  The universe is a lot of points.  The universe is a way of self-organizing points.  God is society.

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