O jablkách.



5.182.   AR AR

Adam and eve were not banished from Paradise, but rather, having experienced passion, ate apples and fell asleep. And now they're having a nightmare.

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5.192.   AR AR

Adam and eve ate the Apple of sin, which the devil gave them not out of evil, but out of curiosity. Children are curious. 

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5.803.   AR AR

Fear is like a worm in the Apple of sin, it is extremely slow and weak. So the worm could eat its prey, it either paralyzes the victim with fear or blind her, and, quietly creeping, slowly eating.

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5.837. Beautiful Iphone.   AR AR

APPLE's symbol is a stump, a metaphor for bread and salt. Beauty, to avoid pride needs in a small defect. Bread and salt is a symbol of God ... Devoid of tar honey becomes cloying sweet and turns into an idol, that is, the devil. The Apple is the symbol of the Devil, and the gnawed Apple is the symbol of beauty and harmony of being.

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6.226.   AR AR

How  do  we  know  that  people  live  on  trees?  And  we  don't  know,  but  we  remember  that  he  fell  from  the  tree  like  an  apple,  and  couldn't  climb  back.

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6.783. Quarantine of original sin.   AR AR

It is not necessary for children to live long with their parents, otherwise original sin will destroy their souls and send them to hell. An Apple that falls under an Apple tree is rotting. An overripe Apple rots. The further the children roll away from their parents, the better it will be for everything.

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7.162.   AR AR

The Apple, for eating which man has been banished from Paradise, may be considered from the point of view that it is a source of sugar-fructose – a source of pleasure. Pleasures are expensive to buy, many people sell their soul to the devil and fall into hell.

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7.344.   AR AR

The  main  problem  with  the  apple  of  sin  is  that  apples  stimulate  the  appetite.

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7.520. Persevere and be patient.   AR AR

An  apple  is  sour  and  tasteless  until  it  ripens.

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7.578. The worst lie.   AR AR

Arrogance  is  the  sin  of  deceit.  An  apple  pretending  to  be  good  and  fair  is  wormy  and  rotten  in  reality.

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7.766.   AR AR

What  distinguishes  man  from  apples  is  this:  if  an  apple  is  rotten,  that’s  the  end  of  it;  man,  however,  has  intelligence,  and  this  immune  system  can  help  him  fight  off  any  disease.

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4.1169.   AR AR

It's  interesting  that  Adam  and  Eve  ate  different  apples  from  the  Tree  of  Knowledge  and  apparently  discovered  different  sides  of  the  truth.

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4.1529. Nadrezanno Apple.   AR AR

Princess could live a normal life, she needs the pea, which will be subservient to it. She herself must put this pea under her feather bed and do it with the intention that it is better. However, a pea in her bed and can put the Prince, not forgetting to come up with some plausible and stupid legend.

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4.1549.   AR AR

What do we know about people with depression? They are stupid, ignorant, weak, deceitful, vicious, proud, touchy, angry and mentally ill people. Can they be saved from hellish suffering? "Why?" Moreover, they feel guilty and, realizing that sins must be paid for, do not want and do not seek salvation. Sinners want to burn in hell because they have to burn in hell, everything is fair and honest. The only thing we propose is to isolate these people from society so as not to allow them to start fires. Vice – contagious, rot may be affected by other apples.

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4.1672.   AR AR

What is Vice? It's a wormy Apple that the worms ate from the inside. It's a caterpillar with parasites inside it, the larvae of a blue-eyed wasp.

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4.823.   AR AR

The book of ZOHAR is a metaphor for the resurrection of the dead. When it comes to raising the dead, it means awakening the sleeping mind. In order to awaken the mind in a person, he must eat the Apple of knowledge and realize his inferiority, be ashamed of it and begin to improve and work. The sleeping mind dwells in the garden or forest of its illusions, preferring to work by sitting idly on a palm tree.

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4.2137.   AR AR

Focus on things and movements. You are the Creator. You are an Apple tree and your goal is apples. Don't think about gratitude and admiration. Animals just eat apples. Animals don't make a cult out of wood.

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4.2653.   AR AR

Than the better parents, the inside they are worse. A wormy Apple tastes terrible, worms eating his soul, fill it with suffering.

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10.6506.   AR AR


10.6187.   AR AR


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