4.634.     AR AR

Mind has not created the unity of love, but loneliness hunters. But the unity of love is what gave birth to the hunter and the place where his mind lives. The unity of the crowd does not generate thoughts, but absorbs them. Embodies them, eats them and follows them.

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5.364.     AR AR

The bigger the city, the more lonely it is. Huge towers pierce the sky with their glass heads, and in them lonely glass people living in small glass houses. They are all so transparent that it seems as if they do not exist.

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2266. Equivocation.     AR AR

He  who  seeks  for  solitariness  looks  for  peace  but  he  who  seeks  for  loneliness  finds  only  demons. 

Přeložit: Muhortova Natalie


7.352.     AR AR

Money divides people. People hate each other and use money to build fences around themselves and buy loneliness.

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4.284. Mjolnir, Thor's hammer.     AR AR

The meaning of universal morality is that birds of the same plumage stick together. You can create your own moral principles, but then you risk being left alone, which will weaken you.

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1916.     AR AR

With  nobody  around,  a  person  can  take  off  all  masks  so  that  there  will  remain  the  person  and  this  person's  monster. 

Not  long  ago  the  monster  was  busy  with  work  and  protected  the  person's  soul  from  the  world  around. 
But  now  the  monster  got  no  work  and  it  starts  to  go  mental  with  boredom.  Or  it  goes  mental  with  hunger  as  it  got  nothing  else  to  eat.  The  soul  and  the  monster  are  face  to  face... 

Perhaps,  the  monster  will  soon  remain  alone. 

Přeložit: Muhortova Natalie


5.5.     AR AR

Half   of   a   person’s   success   in   life   depends   on   his   communication   skills.   Loneliness   is   always   the   result   of   the   inner   rather   than   of   the   external.   Any   person   would   be   glad   to   communicate   but   he   is   so   afraid…   so   afraid…

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5.1412.     AR AR

My dear friend, I know all about you, nothing will hide before my penetrating eyes. I see all your loneliness and fear. I see your whole life on the edge of a cliff, and the eternal desire to run away from him, and I see how nothing happens. I see your endless conversations with different "I", your split or even all 8 personalities. I can see how small and scared you are. I see your endless suffering and the pain of a soul that no one loves. I see all your innumerable vices, all the darkness of your most secret thoughts. Whatever you're thinking, it's so horrible, but don't worry, it's just between us.

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6.11.     AR AR

The devil builds Paradise in illusions, and God - in reality.  But the devil invented a lie - a sham Paradise on earth, like cheese in a mousetrap, beckoning rats to his illusory Paradise.  The problem with the Paradise of illusions is that he is afraid of time and inevitably plunges into the darkness of nothing.  Millions of years of loneliness in the darkness alone with their vices are so terrible that the righteous always sympathize with sinful souls.

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5.1756.     AR AR

Real loneliness is when a person doesn't even read books.

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9.32.     AR AR

To   hear   and   understand   the   city,   you   need   to   wander   through   it   alone   for   about   eight   hours,   listening   to   its   breath   and   then   you   will   hear   all   its   thoughts,   its   soul,   its   ideas.

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4.593. Fear is love in reverse.     AR AR

A woman should know that her brain is so arranged that she often confuses fear with love. She thinks she loves, but in fact, she's just afraid of being alone.

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982.     AR AR

There  are  no  royal  roads.  A  royal  road  is  a  trap  for  naive  silly  people. 
...if  one  follows  one's  way,  everything  will  be  easy... 
...  one's  own  way  is  an  exclusive  one,  the  way  without  a  crowd... 
The  way  of  proud  solitude... 

Přeložit: Muhortova Natalie


10.6476.     AR AR

There is nothing bad or good about being alone.  In any situation, there is a lot of good, but there is also bad.

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1983.     AR AR

The  society  bores  one  and  loneliness  drives  one  crazy.  The  balance  is  needed. 

Přeložit: Muhortova Natalie


7.1526.     AR AR

There's  nothing  bad  in  loneliness,  smart  people  often  stay  alone,  as  they  meet  soulmates  not  so  often. 

Přeložit: Варвара Учеваткина


4.570. Smart and strong woman.     AR AR

The mind implies humility, and the lack of humility turns the mind into stupidity. A clever woman knows all about men, their boasting, their vanity, and their vices. A clever woman knows that she needs to be admired for love, but she cannot admire a deeply vicious husband... What could she do? Alone sad and cold, lacking love and affection. A clever woman uses the tool "humility", she will accept the imperfection of a man, rightly believing that a green banana will ripen in the store.

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5.3522.     AR AR

People interfere with concentration. The mind requires solitude.

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5.312. At first it's scary, then you get used to it.     AR AR

Many Luli are terribly afraid of loneliness, because they are afraid of themselves. Alone in the murk of the soul is deposited in this crystal-clear purity, become perfectly visible all the dreams, vices and ugliness.

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9.2741.     AR AR

The long way of loneliness will be more quickly traversed than the short one by pushing.

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9.3595.     AR AR

Loneliness  and  seclusion  are  useful  because  they  allow  person  to  think  independently  without  falling  under  someone's  influence.  The  presence  of  other  strong  individuals  suppressing  others  by  their  strength  and  authority  nearby  significantly  hampers  independent  thinking.

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10.4933.     AR AR

The feeling of God saves humanity from feeling infinitely lonely and insignificant compared to the infinity of the universe. 
- A pill for fear or something?

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10.3302.     AR AR

The split personality comes from the fear of reality.  Fear condemns the mind to loneliness, but the mind cannot live alone and is divided.

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9.9956.     AR AR

Robinson Crusoe is a metaphor for loneliness and hard struggle through despair and failure. We are all alone, even when we are surrounded by a crowd. No one wants to help us, circumstances interfere and put a stick in the wheel. But we still should not give up and lose heart. Life is a struggle. Only perseverance, faith and hope can save us.

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10.13832.     AR AR

Work helps a lot to get rid of loneliness.  If you are lonely, this is a great chance to become a workaholic, earn a lot of money, make a career ...  and then there will be no end of those who want to become your friends.

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10.21340.     AR AR

It's a shame to be alone, but on the other hand, why?

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10.21243. Love of truth.     AR AR

The meaning of human life is to overcome infinite loneliness and find infinite love.

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10.20949. The contradiction of suffering.     AR AR

Pride is self-isolation, an act of dislike for the real world.  At the same time, the proud suffer unbearably from loneliness.  The proud man does not like reality very much, he is always trying to build his own world, to rule in it, to be God.

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10.20438.     AR AR

Just because a person is alone does not mean that they are alone.  Just because a person is surrounded by people does not mean that his loneliness has left him.

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10.20435.     AR AR


To avoid too much love, help such entities as work, reading, restraint, whip, loneliness (hermit, fishing, long walks). Very important maintain a balance of joy and its absence, and the joy here the cure is only in a small way in quantity, but in quantity it is poison.


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7.7064.     AR AR

The meaning of the novel "100 years of solitude" Marquez that life seems to be fixated in a dream, eternal running in a circle grotesque. The faces change, but the masks remain the same.

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7.5823.     AR AR

Solitude is pride. You do not want to serve anyone, considering yourself above others, but others do not think so and do not want to serve you.

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5.3934.     AR AR

Loneliness is different, especially sad for those who have left even God.

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10.19916.     AR AR

The meaning of humility and pride is to achieve unity.  Pride allows a person to find freedom and break away from the team, and humility is necessary to enter the team back.

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5.3279.     AR AR

The more people, the more chances of loneliness.

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5.1773.     AR AR

When you realize that people are nothing more than children, living in eternal fear, doubt and loneliness... you will see and lose your own fear.

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10.19186.     AR AR

Loneliness allows you to get out of the influence of temptations and vices, to buy time to get stronger and gain strength.

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4.4259.     AR AR

A beautiful girl has no friends and is extremely lonely. However, no one wants to save her from loneliness, because either fear or hate.

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10.18949.     AR AR

We come to unity through solitude.  Solitude is the path of perfection, and unity is possible only among the perfect.

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10.18810.     AR AR

Often a woman falls in love with a man out of fear of loneliness.  In this case, after the birth of the child, when  there is love for the child, against the background of love, fear disappears and the woman loses interest in the man.

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10.18680.     AR AR

This socialization can be a big problem.  You have a lot of things to do, you are focused and busy.  At this moment, you get calls from different people, they want something, they distract you.  You have to do and say something that you don't have in your head.  You're doing it wrong.  The consequences  terrifying.  Others blame you for all your mortal sins.  Guilt and remorse spoil your mood.  To sum up.  Loneliness is a good thing.  Turn off your phones and go to hell.

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10.18476.     AR AR

Loneliness is when you have no ideas.  Someone who has a dream can't be considered lonely.

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10.15190.     AR AR

It is very difficult to think in a crowd.  You need to think alone.  On the other hand, if the crowd does start thinking, the consequences can be very unpredictable.

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10.14799. The joy of solitude.     AR AR

Not to hold, to let go-means to focus on current Affairs.  Involvement and love for what is, saves you from a greedy desire to keep things on chains.

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10.14264.     AR AR

The thirst for solitude, the thirst for freedom from the bondage of false love.

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10.14177. In search of Paradise lost.     AR AR

The very fact that a person perceives life as a painful routine, remembering some happy times as a Paradise or looking for this Paradise in the future, speaks about the exhaustion of the nervous system and an overdose of pleasure.  As a treatment, we recommend rest, philosophical conversations about humility, strict fasting, the exclusion of sugars (including fructose), and loneliness.

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10.14006.     AR AR

Pride condemns women for being alone. She can't stand those who try to dominate her. She despises those over whom she was able to dominate.

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10.13835. Buridan's ass.     AR AR

A common cause of loneliness is an excess of offers.  Doubts – who is worth loving?  Who's not worth it?  They kill sincerity in relationships.

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