10.5172.   AR AR

Chaos is energy.  Order is what makes chaos move not chaotically, but according to strictly defined algorithms.

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10.5305.   AR AR

Fear is a release of energy, take care of your energy, do not be afraid ahead of time.

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10.5306.   AR AR

The harm of fear is that we fear in advance for a very long time.  Fear has not yet come, and we have already spent all the energy and exhausted forces.  With an effort of will and mind in advance to hope for a positive outcome.  If the outcome is negative, the torment will be five minutes.  If you suffer in advance, stress can last for days and weeks.

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10.5255. Do not judge, and fear will leave you.   AR AR

Team members should love each other.  Then they will find in mutual admiration inspiration and energy of growth.  Love will get rid of the desire to judge and compete, fear and hate.

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10.5225.   AR AR

Time and space are ways of organizing and limiting energy that turn Nothing into reality.

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10.5224. Nothing and Nothing.   AR AR

There is only energy and information.  Information is an illusion.  But I'm telling you, there's nothing but Nothing and information.  Energy is also an illusion.

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10.5101. The energy cycle.   AR AR

Slowing down, time turns into light, then into matter.  The growth of the mother's mass under the influence of gravity causes a thermonuclear reaction, again dispersing energy and turning it into time and light.

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10.5114.   AR AR

When the sun shines during the day, the main energy is not light, and darkness, that is, is invisible to the human eye range of the spectrum.

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10.4669. Look around you.   AR AR

The law of conservation of energy is very joyful.  He tells us that the world is stable and at any given time it has everything you need to implement and support any of your goals.

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10.4589.   AR AR

Thrift is the avoidance of joy and fear.  Both of these entities consume energy.  High spirits are enough for a comfortable life.

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10.4588.   AR AR

Be afraid to rejoice too soon.  Joy is a waste of energy.  Spent energy for the joy of it could be just that energy which is not enough for you for the last stretch.

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10.4471.   AR AR

Poverty stems from the inability to control one's desires.  Time, money, energy are wasted on unnecessary, and the right is starving.

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10.4466.   AR AR

It is not man who enjoys pleasure, but pleasure who enjoys man by devouring his energy.

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10.4463.   AR AR

Limiting desires, on the one hand, avoids greed and overkill, and on the other, increases the energy of desires and gives them a beautiful form.

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10.4119.   AR AR

There is a nuclear reactor inside a person, when this reactor overheats, fear will turn on.  To the reactor does not overheat, you need to rise and act, then the fear will disappear and the soul will be very happy.  Fear drains excess energy when a person has no goals worthy of love.

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10.4116.   AR AR

Inside man is illuminated by the sun.  If this energy is not used for growth and movement, there is negativity and fear.  Fear is like a radiator, something that drains excess energy.  If fear is turned off but growth is not turned on, the system will burn.

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10.3803.   AR AR

Different forms have different powers.  Than form more perfect, the more you love her and pour her energy.  The form controls more energy, the more perfect it is.

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10.3793.   AR AR

Forms compete with each other for content.  The contents of this energy.  Competes whether energy in the form?
- Yes.

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10.3534.   AR AR

Acceptance of reality turns a person into a conductor of energy and information.

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10.3320.   AR AR

Free will is that a person decides what to believe and what not to believe.  Everything that one believes becomes truth, energy, and a source of power.

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10.3315.   AR AR

Lies are the secret weapon of truth in the struggle for power over energy.

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10.3283.   AR AR

Faith is a source of energy.  What you believe gives you energy.  Lack of faith is fear and hunger.

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