7.45.     AR AR

No pleasures and joys in any way.  The subconscious mind can not be fooled, it will still take its.  You can, however, avoiding harmful pleasures to replace them with useful.

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3851. It's important to read dreams.     AR AR

Dreams   are   the   way   the   subconscious   (the   inner   It)   tries   to   show   the   brain   something   that   it   can't   see   by   itself   or   something   it   can't   notice.

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Art by Atatanah (Ruslan Shaumetov)



7.63.     AR AR

"Don't want" all this emotion, if the subconscious mind to cheat, he will immediately want.  The task of the mind is to deceive and control the subconscious.

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4.225.     AR AR

The frost giant is a metaphor for the man whose super Ego completely suppressed sensual beginning to this man. The Ogre is the one in whom the animal IT has completely conquered.

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4.443.     AR AR

The human mind consists of a small superstructure of 5% consciousness... and the 95 main personality is the subconscious. And the mind is the past, and the subconscious controls the here and now.

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4.234. Water mill.     AR AR

Permanence is a sign of a strong personality associated with accepting reality and using repressed libido energy to achieve long-term goals.

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4.451.     AR AR

The subconscious does not know the concept of time. The concept of "time" knows only consciousness.

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4.452.     AR AR

The subconscious knows nothing about probability because there is no uncertainty. The subconscious knows that faith begets truth, and truth is reality.

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7.836. An observer of the unconscious.     AR AR

You  scold  yourself,  so  what?  Your  body  still  obeys  the  It  (the  subconscious)  and  does  what  emotions,  feelings  and  hormones  tell  him  to  do.

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10.7047.     AR AR

Trusting your subconscious and intuition means trusting reality and the present.  Consciousness lives in the past and dreams of the future, the present is inaccessible to it.

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4.798.     AR AR

The subconscious lives in real time. Consciousness lives in the past. But, in fact, the past and the future are the same, so if the mind is able to think, it is able, planning the future, to see it.

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10.6077.     AR AR

The desire of the conscious to dominate the subconscious is pride.  The subconscious is the President and the government.  If the Duma begins to abuse its power, its activities will be instantly paralyzed.

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4.809.     AR AR

The conscious mind must be careful that the subconscious mind is always busy. If the subconscious has nothing to do, there will be a catastrophe. Moreover, the subconscious doesn't understand the probability of events and sometimes might want such nonsense that to escape would be extremely problematic.

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10.6029.     AR AR

In the human mind consciousness is the State Duma, and the subconscious is the President and the Government.  For the President to listen to the Duma, the proposals of the government must be clear, structured, unanimous and preferably in the interests of the government.

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10.6030.     AR AR

When the state Duma is in chaos and there is no clear opinion, the President ignores all its proposals.  To the subconscious mind supported by consciousness, your thoughts need to be expressed by a clear majority.

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4.810.     AR AR

Since the subconscious does not understand such concepts as time and probability, the consciousness must carefully monitor all his desires and make changes to them.

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10.6020.     AR AR

The function of consciousness is to prepare sentences for the subconscious.  Proposals should be well structured and reasoned.

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10.5772. Inside the black box is dark.     AR AR

Feelings and emotions are feedback mechanisms between the subconscious and consciousness.  Reacting positively or negatively, the subconscious mind makes it clear to the consciousness of its reaction to information received from the outside.

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7.837. Fight against apathy and laziness.     AR AR

A series of defeats programmed the subconscious with fear. In fear IT is afraid now to even move, fills the body with laziness and apathy. To reprogram this state, it takes a series of artificial victories.

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7.847.     AR AR

If  you  think  one  thing  and  do  something  else,  it  means  your  spirit  and  you  are  weak,  and  you  are  the  slave  of  your  subconscious  (the  It).  Emotions,  sins  and  vices  control  you,  and  all  your  reason  can  do  is  to  helplessly  bark  at  and  scold  them,  like  a  small  dog.

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10.6028.     AR AR

Laziness and procrastination mean that all the suggestions that the conscious mind offers to the subconscious are poor.  Consciousness itself is not confident in anything and therefore does not have a clear position.

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7.848.     AR AR

Apathy is a reaction to fear in weak people. The subconscious has decided that it is dangerous to move because it causes a useless loss of energy. There are three types of reactions to fear - to run, to attack, or to freeze while paralyzed with terror. Apathy is the third variant of the body's reaction to fear.

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10.5757.     AR AR

The subconscious lives in eternal darkness, receiving information from the outside world through various interfaces, including through consciousness (ego).  Consciousness is an analytical module, a voice assistant, whose task is to analyze some information and offer options for action.  Other channels revenues information this eyes, ears and feelings.

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10.4636. Computer simulator.     AR AR

Inside, the brain creates a toy universe where the toy Self plays with toy copies of people from the real world.  The subconscious, watching this game, makes some conclusions on the basis of which behaves in the real world.

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7.917.     AR AR

In fact, the subconscious (IT) needs pleasure, security and energy savings ...well, give him what he wants. And IT will be your ally.

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3.1804. When the rider is a fool.     AR AR

Frustration is the fear of losing again.  Frustration is cowardice.  Man is afraid of pain...  "Again I will hurt you" - going through his subconscious.  "I'd better not do anything,"thinks the horse," and that will save me from another disappointment."

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3.1841.     AR AR

Intuition   originates   from   the   diversification   of   reasoning.   The   conscious   makes   up   thoughts   and   the   subconscious   chooses   the   ones   that   are   most   suitable   for   the   current   situation.

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