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5.4905. Horse?     AR AR

Tell me how to tell a donkey he's an ass. The donkey does not recognize himself as an ass, he thinks himself at least a cow.

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6.4907. Read more.     AR AR

If the donkey does not like his work, but likes the work of the eagle, the donkey cannot simply give up his work and begin to do the work of the eagle, for everyone can and should do only his own work. To change his business, the donkey must change his nature and become an eagle. This donkey needs to present itself to be an eagle and start reading books, programming DNA and RNA to your thoughts. As soon as everything is ready, the donkey will find out how to grow into an eagle quickly and, becoming an eagle, will be able to do his job.

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6.6165.     AR AR

A donkey is a donkey, a hen is a hen, but human nature can change, and this is pleasing.

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7.112. Hay is important.     AR AR

Money  is  hay.  If  there  is  no  hay,  sheep  and  horses  will  die  of  hunger,  cows  will  stop  milking  and  cheese  and  butter  will  disappear…

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8.877.     AR AR

A  horseshoe  is  a  symbol  of  good  luck  because  good  luck  follows  only  those  who  work  hard  like  a  horse. 

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3.1631. A stone bridge.     AR AR

Maitreya   will   come   over   a   stone   bridge.   –   What’s   a   stone   bridge?   All   I   see   is   a   wooden   bridge.   –   A   stone   bridge   allows   horses   and   donkeys   to   move   over   it   simultaneously.   A   stone   bridge   is   the   union   of   the   incompatible.   Each   person   will   see   what   will   allow   him   cross   the   river   separating   lie   from   truth.

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3.1804. When the rider is a fool.     AR AR

Frustration is the fear of losing again.  Frustration is cowardice.  Man is afraid of pain...  "Again I will hurt you" - going through his subconscious.  "I'd better not do anything,"thinks the horse," and that will save me from another disappointment."

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4.1267. Who am I?     AR AR

You're the coachman. Stay awake, watch the road, the horses and the cart.

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4.2502. Who Am I? I'm a rider.     AR AR

The rider should be very careful what the horse thinks and where it goes.

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4.2810.     AR AR

Vice   is   a   lie   well   told   in   the   parable   of   a   hungry   horse   that   was   offered   a   barn   full   of   oats   in   exchange   for   having   her   head   cut   off.  

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4.3119.     AR AR

A man consists of a horse and a rider.

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734.     AR AR

The  fact  that  knives  get  dull  from  work  and  horses  die  of  it,  should  be  interpreted. Its  essence  is  that  one  shouldn't  work  everywhere,  not  a  lot  and  not  thoughtlessly,  but  only  when  the  work  is  needed  and  in  an  effective  and  rational  way,  as  dull  knives  and  dead  horses  are  not  needed. 

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7.82.     AR AR

The work created from the APE man, and the horse is not created.  That's because the horse thinks too much.

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3987.   AR AR

Horses will even sell their soul for a lump of sugar.

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4.326.     AR AR

Desire is horses, but beggars are too lazy to learn to ride horses. Sublimation of his, even the most stupid wish in a useful direction produces miracles.

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9.5855. Smart people.     AR AR

Sometimes a donkey is called a horse, but this is not because people are stupid, but on the contrary, because they are smart.

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9.6039.     AR AR

You think too much, it makes you as tiresome as a horse and as cowardly as a rabbit.

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9.6613. It's necessary to care for the donkey.     AR AR

If  you  hear  something  like  "leave  the  donkey"  hell...tomorrow  you'll  get  a  horse  or  even  a  whole  herd..."  Don't  rush  to  leave  valuable  property.  Wait  till  tomorrow,  try  to  get  it  right  that  "a  donkey  is  not  a  handicap  for  a  horse".

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9.7290.     AR AR

Horses like to laugh, but you don't have to laugh with them if you're not a horse. You better do something useful.

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10.1476. You sit down, you get off.     AR AR

The proud are obsessed with contempt for those they consider imperfect.  Believing themselves above others, they fall into megalomania and obsessive thirst for power.  If such a person tries to climb you, imagining himself a rider, and you a horse, you need to stand on his hind legs and throw this wasp-rider.

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10.1948. Seahorse.     AR AR

Fish, you caught on the game and the phone, fun and entertainment, movies and TV shows, money, food and dreams of a beautiful life... You have not eaten, but the gills have already taken you and now you're a horse…

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10.1959. Who Am I?     AR AR

"I" is what you are not aware of, and what you are aware of is the horse.

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