9.7701. Strawberries with sugar and without.     AR AR

I advise you to avoid too much joy. Against their background, the rest of life becomes too sour.

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3.1305.     AR AR

Sugar in small quantities stimulates the brain, and a large kills it.

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3.1301.     AR AR

Don't eat sweets, exercise your willpower.  The less sweet you eat,the stronger your spirit. 

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9.9891. Sugar.     AR AR

Fruit-   and   berry-eating   by   mammals   somehow   looks   like   cross-species   sex.   Helping   plants   to   reproduce   is   such   a   pleasure.

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5.3028.     AR AR

Overdose of sugar provokes depression, neurosis and mood swings. You eat too much sugar, fat or alcohol, it all drives you crazy.

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9.9212.     AR AR

Sweet provokes a feeling of hunger. The plants then make their fruits sweet to be eaten more. Plants benefit from attracting animals to spread their seeds.

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6.5310. Extremes and the"Golden mean".     AR AR

In fact, sugar and rice are one and the same. And then, and that is carbohydrates, but sugar is too much carbohydrates, their shock dose, and rice and other cereals is a moderate and gradual consumption.

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6.3652.     AR AR

Sweet is a Vice that weakens the spirit and opens the door to all other vices.

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6.3265. You can not overfeed a child with sweets.     AR AR

Harmful influence on the development of neuroticism in the child too much sugar consumption (sweet). Candy and sugary drinks destabilize the nervous system and generate emotional instability and depression that the child's weak mind is unable to control.

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6.3268.     AR AR

Eating disorders that lead to the development of neuroticism in children-an overabundance or lack of nutrition, inconstancy of nutrition, an overabundance of sweet, fatty or salty.

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6.2834.     AR AR

Sweet and its derivatives, such as alcohol, create a reference pleasure, next to which fade all the other pleasures of life.

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6.2810.     AR AR

By the way alcohol is a derivative of sugar and the harm from it is the same as sugar, only in Cuba.

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6.2811. The damage in the square.     AR AR

Sugary drinks are as harmful as sugar, only squared.

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6.2776.     AR AR

Too much sugar or fat causes the human body to produce insulin beyond measure. The body's immune system in this situation, to save the body, takes the only right decision - to attack the internal systems that are responsible for the production of insulin, so there is a spiral of diabetes.

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