7.2826.     AR AR

Only  rational  creatures  are  open  to  compassion.  Animals  do  not  know  what  compassion  is.

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3.23. The real man.     AR AR

What   do   you   know   about   the   real   man?   What   do   you   know   about   yourself?

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4.2187.     AR AR

They   are   no   longer   animals,   but   they   are   not   gods   yet.   An   intermediary   stage   of   evolution?   Some   semi-material.   They   call   themselves   humans   but   that   is   false.   The   only   human   I   know   is   God.

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6.3168.     AR AR

Compassion is taking someone else's pain and giving your joy.

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4.2192.     AR AR

Animals   cannot   act   differently   from   what   their   instincts   demand   from   them.   Humans   can.   Man   has   a   free   will.   I   want   to   be   a   human   very   much.   I   read   a   lot   about   real   humans.   I   am   not   personally   acquainted   with   any   real   human.   They   are   said   to   have   been   extinct   long   ago   or,   rather,   evolution   has   not   created   them   yet.

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6.3170.     AR AR

Love is compassion for imperfection and the joy of its growth to perfection.

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5.1156. Hollow objects.     AR AR

If   you   understood   the   true   nature   of   things,   you   would   show   compassion   for   the   pain   of   their   hollowness.

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5.2626.     AR AR

Homo   erectus   is   an   upright   man,   and   a   fool   is   a   crooked   man,   i.e.,   an   entity   three   steps   below   Homo   sapiens.

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6.3776.     AR AR

Once I was afraid of people, then I hated them, then I was indifferent, but then, when I got to know them better, I felt first compassion for them, and then love.

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5.5384.     AR AR

Don't be afraid of people, but astrada them.
Don't be angry with people, but feel sorry for them.
Do not envy people, but pity them.
Don't admire people, but pity them.

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5.2627.     AR AR

The   Neanderthals   were   too   smart   compared   to   Homo   sapiens.   This   is   why   they   died   out,   since   their   arrogance   prevented   them   from   living   as   a   community.

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7.3527. The law of natural selection.     AR AR

The   religious   mechanism   for   separating   the   wheat   from   the   chaff   is   actually   implemented   through   Darwin’s   laws   of   evolution.

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5.5207.     AR AR

The meaning of compassion for people is that I know of no man whose existence is not so terrible as not to cause compassion.

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7.5360. Homo Religiosus.     AR AR

It   is   scientifically   proven   that   man   was   made   to   the   image   and   similarity   of   monkeys,   but   science   has   also   proven   that   human   intelligence   is   rather   of   divine   nature.

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6.4452.     AR AR

"Want" is an intemperance and then you are restrained by others. Replace "want" with compassion. Compassion for money, compassion for people, compassion for nothing.

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7.6125. A real man.     AR AR

A   real   man   is   God.   We,   mere   mortals,   have   yet   a   long   way   to   go   from   nothingness   to   perfection   and   from   perfection   to   the   harmony   of   integrity.

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6.5847.     AR AR

Inconsolable suffering, devoid of hope, makes a man blind, and he does not see God, but consolation gives hope, and hope - insight. A man who has seen can see God, and so believe in him, and love him. Compassion is a comfort.

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10.7169. Book, books are different.     AR AR

A mind that doesn't read books degrades back into an animal. The human mind was created by books. That would not degrade, you need to grow. To stop is to die.

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6.5471. Cure for irritation.     AR AR

Compassion for people, you get rid of anger towards them, these poor and so suffer yourself not home.

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10.7124.     AR AR

About a person who is full of fears and phobias, we can say that he does not like himself and the entire outside world very much.

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6.5698. Dead.     AR AR

Sinners need not be feared, hated or despised... They need compassion. These are people who are deprived of joy, faith, love, reason and hope are extremely unhappy.

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10.7147.     AR AR

Mycelium programs human consciousness at the embryonic stage, during the process of fetal maturation in the female placenta.  The placenta is, in fact, a part of the mycelium, inside which it piecemeal collects a new person.

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6.4470.     AR AR

Pity another's Vice through compassion for yourself and your vices. "This man is wicked," you think; " I ought to get rid of my Vice, for I am so weak, too.

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10.7093.     AR AR

Why don't apes evolve into humans?  For the same reason that a monkey doesn't turn into a chimpanzee or a gorilla into a baboon.  Man is one of the breeds of apes.  Previously, there were different breeds of apes of the human species, but then they became extinct or they were assimilated by the main species of homosapiens.

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10.7074.     AR AR

Black from white is about as different as a monkey from a human.  That is, it seems different, but the evolution was so gradual and imperceptible that you can not say that once a mother APE gave birth to a son of a man.

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6.3912.     AR AR

People are terrible to overcome the fear of the people, requires great compassion for them.

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10.6980. Love is Aikido.     AR AR

Human DNA is 30% made up of the DNA of the viruses that attacked it.  Getting to know your enemies, a person uses their weapons against them.

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6.3835.     AR AR

The disease does not need to be fought, it needs to be loved, it needs to be compassionate.

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5.4382. Push him who is falling.     AR AR

Compassion   demands   intelligence   and   detachment.   True   humanism   demands   detachment.   One   needs   to   be   truly   compassionate   to   push   him   who   is   falling,  

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10.6813.     AR AR

The unique personality of a person is the most different bricks of everything that a person has loved in his life.

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5.4430. Good conquers evil.     AR AR

When you see evil, imagine the scope of its circumstances and feel its pain, it will give you the power of compassion.

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10.6751.     AR AR


The human mind is the highest mushroom.  The nervous system is a mycelium that controls all its symbionts, making them work and produce energy.


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1767.     AR AR

A  real  man  is  terrible  by  nature...  As  one  is  stupid,  jealous,  evil...  One  is  full  of  sins  like  a  vessel  is  full  of  wine... 

But  in  real  life  one  wears  masks  and  from  afar  resembles  a  normal  human  being... 

The  only  problem  is  that  wearing  masks  constantly  is  difficult.  It's  necessary  to  have  a  rest  sometimes.  And  as  a  rule,  one  takes  a  rest  at  home.  As  one  takes  off  all  masks  at  home  and  shows  one's  own  nature... 

And  here,  it  may  certainly  mean  that  a  beauty  should  love  a  beast  and  a  prince  should  see  the  princess  in  a  frog... 

...or,  what's  even  more  likely  is  that  a  beast  and  a  frog  will  have  to  find  something  in  common. 

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5.3676.     AR AR

Since fear and love are one and the same, try to replace fear with love... start admiring your fear or feeling sorry for it.

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10.282. The eternal anthill.     AR AR

Man is immortal because the real man is humanity.

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3.3105.     AR AR

Man loves suffering because he loves pleasure.

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3.3107. Wave man.     AR AR

The revolution of the spirit occurs when the dichotomous man becomes tired of being a demon or an angel, and he changes the mask of his nature to the opposite.

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10.379.     AR AR

You're the best of things. 
"What do you mean?" 
"Bodies are perfect.

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10.438. A strange man.     AR AR

The average person is defective and useless.  The bottom line is that sometimes there are substandard people, very useful for life.  It is for the latter that God tolerates man as a species.

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