2722.1.   AR AR

The  thought  of  great  ideas  not  coming  to  life  because  of  cowardice  makes  me  cry.

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5.3983.     AR AR

The main idea of rationalism is that the mind can do anything ...this includes motivating the soul's sense principle to work for itself, providing the ideas of the mind with the energy of movement. The mind creates ideas, and the soul in love fills them with energy.

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3.587.     AR AR

How can you kill me if I'm an idea?  "I'll mix you with lies!"  What?  I am the idea of love and therefore humility.  Humility allows you to separate the honey from the tar.

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5.390.     AR AR

An idea is always a lie, but only the mind can lie. Animals do not know ideas and therefore lie is unknown to them.

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9.469.     AR AR

Most   of   crazy   ideas   could   come   true   under   certain   conditions.  

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9.509.     AR AR

If an Idea cannot overcome doubts, then it is too early to implement it.

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4.3843.     AR AR

When the idea of "Having" prevails in a person, he becomes strongly dependent on fear. Fear paralyzes and it becomes extremely difficult to "Do" something.

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5.1616.     AR AR

You believe too much in what you see, forgetting that it is only an illusion of the mind, an idea born of the shadows of the real world. In fact, you can believe any idea, faith is the only thing that makes ideas real.

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5.1621.     AR AR

The idea of a superhero is the idea of idealism. You think she breeds heroes? Nothing of the kind, it breeds fear, which means stupidity and impotence.

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10.6233. The truth is all around.     AR AR

Emptiness of thoughts generates insight and sensitivity to the outside world.  Therefore, the poor in spirit are blessed because they see reality, and not the product of their ideas – illusions.

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5.2429. The idea of beauty and truth.     AR AR

An angel is a soldier, a mediator of the idea of God.

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5.2485.     AR AR

Cancer cells are meaningless and aimless cells that have no ideas and no desire to serve their purpose. In fact, cancer cells are sinners, and the devil is a cure for cancer.

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10.5859.     AR AR

Faith is a lie or uncertainty.  Faith is always greater than knowledge.  If faith is compared to knowledge, faith will die and just knowledge will remain.  Faith exists in order to believe a lie, thus transforming it into knowledge.

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10.4437. Nice uniform.     AR AR

A being is something that has an idea of its form.  And if this idea is sufficiently perfect, limited and similar to truth and beauty, it has every chance to attract the content.

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5.3140.     AR AR

Secondary stupidity arises from love and silly obsessions. Stupid ideas can be described as ideas that have no creative value. Ideas in which there is no beauty of growth and aspiration to perfection are stupid.

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5.3141.     AR AR

A stupid idea is a ridiculous and meaningless idea. If the idea is provably useful, that is, has value, then it is not stupid.

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5.3143.     AR AR

Stupid people consider beautiful ideas stupid, because, not seeing their beauty, believe their useless and meaningless. On the contrary, what a fool thinks beautiful is usually stupidity. A stupid brain is something like a child, undeveloped and able to perceive only something very primitive and stupid.

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5.3159. A wheel is a ball.     AR AR

A squirrel doesn't just run in a wheel, it's locked in that wheel. The wheel is a ball struck by the ideas and thoughts of a squirrel. New ideas of the outside world no longer penetrate this sphere from the outside. The new can only knock on the outside and evoke some inner resonance of anger or joy, but it can no longer penetrate and, by mixing, generate the new.

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5.3481.     AR AR

Business starts with an idea. An idea is a seed that already has the energy to realize it.

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5.3529. Final stage.     AR AR

They say that the materialization of ideas into the real world is the seventh stage of the movement of energy. In fact, this is what we call the "last mile."

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5.3532. Oil.     AR AR

Squirrel   is   not   just   running   in   a   wheel,   she   fixated   around   certain   ideas,   concentrates   the   discharged   energy,   just   as   milk   is   made   into   butter.   To   make   the   idea   materialize   into   reality,   you   should   beat   the   butter   very   well.   At   first   the   energy   flakes   and   clods,   but   gradually   hardens,   gaining   strength.

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