8.6383.     AR AR

Things are vain... they want so badly to seem important.

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9.9325. Create for the sake of love, not vanity.     AR AR

Men  of  art  must  suffer.  The  thing  is,  only  the  vain  can  create,  but  vanity  is  a  mortal  sin.  Vanity  is  love  of  oneself,  but  creating  is  also  possible  for  the  love  of  art  –  this  saves  from  suffering.

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9.9326.     AR AR

Serve  your  purpose  instead  of  serving  yourself  to  avoid  vanity. 

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10.6994. Self-loathing.     AR AR

The point's desire to become the universe is not pride, but a normal evolutionary process.  Pride is the contempt of the universe for the point from which it arose.

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8.6384.     AR AR

Vanity is the desire to appear important, but it is important to be, not to appear. What matters is what is useful or beautiful.

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10.6257. Point and universe.     AR AR


Not the great one who grows, but the great one who decreases.  For the first is vanity and pride, and the second is the true courage of the big one, who is not afraid to be small.


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597.   AR AR

Often vanity and fortitude are one and the same,
what makes us go forward – there, 
where we weren't expected.

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10.5479.     AR AR

Vanity is the lack of love, the main symptom of the inferiority complex and megalomania that compensates for it.

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10.5056. Vanity tree.     AR AR

The weakness of trees is that they adore those who love their fruits and are very dependent on their mood.  You can easily control the tree by praising it and telling it what you like and what you don't.

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10.2874.     AR AR

Pride is the vanity of a raindrop imagining itself to be an ocean.  The pride of Pisces looks even funnier.

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7.4220.     AR AR

All creation and knowledge is vain. But if you realize the plan of God and create within it, you will be happy and existence will help you.

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7.5280.     AR AR

Most of what a child does is for other people. The desire for approval and vanity are the main desires of the child.

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7.6615. Socially useful sense.     AR AR

What is vanity? The desire to spend a lot of time and money for applause and applause "glory to the hero"?

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10.1599. Savior.     AR AR

They are vain, so am I. but my vanity is a thousand times greater than their vanity.  The enormity of my sin, making their sin null and void, saving their souls.

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