8.2152.2.     AR AR

Consciously  or  unconsciously,  a  man  can  be  working  as  an  angel  by  helping  providence  with  useful  deeds,  and  there  is  no  doubt  that  his  actions  are  greatly  approved  in  heaven.

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8.2085.2.     AR AR

If  you  feed  only  angels,  devils  will  go  wild… 
If  you  feed  only  devils,  angels  will  go  wild.

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8.1789.1. Stick and carrot.     AR AR

Angel   and   demon   are   two-faced   Janus.   He's   an   angel   with   good   people   and   he   is   a   demon   with   a   whip   with   sinners.

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9.9410. The wings of love.     AR AR

Social   elevators   are   a   myth   that   is   not   and   has   never   been.   To   go   to   paradise,   you   should   become   an   angel.   Angels   are   the   ones   who   have   the   wings   of   love.   Love   for   truth,   for   your   work   and   your   dream.  

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10.2398. Angel's a junkie.     AR AR

For an idealist to be an angel is a great pleasure.  To feel demon idealist is extremely painful and unpleasant.

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10.3053.     AR AR

Higher goals generate a higher Ego, turning a person into an angel of the spirit.  Lower goals turn a person into a demon, a snake and a worm.

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9.9703.     AR AR

A   person   working   for   God   is   called   an   angel.   Any   person   can   become   an   Angel   if   he   loves   God.   To   love   God   is   to   serve   God   faithfully   and   loyally.   Angels   have   very   many   responsibilities.

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9.9704.     AR AR

Angels   are   the   first   after   God.   Angels   are   God’s   will,   God’s   word,   God’s   servants,   his   hands,   sword   and   shield.   Angels   are   the   strongest   creatures   on   Earth.

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9.9710. The Holy Trinity.     AR AR

There  are  always  three  angels:  the  one  behind  you  protects  you  from  the  past,  the  other  ahead  of  you  protects  you  from  the  future  and  yet  another  protects  you  at  present.  Three  angels  always  protect  a  good  person,  so  harming  a  good  person  is  extremely  hard  and  dangerous.

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9.9711.     AR AR

Try   not   to   harm   good   people,   otherwise   their   angels   will   just   grind   you   to   dust.

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10.2090.     AR AR

The separation of himself an angel and a demon, in fact, is a lie.  Your angel is hypocritically sugary, and your demon is theatrically vile.

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10.2089.     AR AR

No one has the right to judge you, not even you.  You have the right to be yourself.  Although, to be honest, you shouldn't have separated himself an angel and a demon.  Your demon in the absence of angel looks gross.

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10.2102.     AR AR

The angels say, " Do this and that, and all will be well with you."  It's true, they don't lie.  However, the thing is that you need not only GOOD, for balance you need and BAD.  Denial of the bad generates the sin of pride, which fills the soul with fear, suspiciousness, paranoia, suffering and a host of other sins.

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10.2138.     AR AR

Neurosis is the remorse of an angel, he's no angel, but rather, a liar and a demon.

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10.2348.     AR AR

Yin and Yang is a metaphor for the struggle for power, when an angel and a devil fight in the divided soul of an idealist.  The victory of any of them is impossible.  The more the angel wins, the more it weakens, and the demon becomes stronger.  Then they switch places.

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10.3058.     AR AR

Higher goals are good because they are unattainable, and therefore do not give rise to the fear of omission.  That is why angels are free from fear.

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10.4256.     AR AR

True angels are demons, and those who call themselves angels are hypocritical liars.

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10.5449. The simultaneity.     AR AR

The first question is, who am I?  Second question - what do I want?    When I is the unity of the angel and the demon, we should listen to the desires of both.

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10.5490. The meaning of human life to help the angels.     AR AR

Inscrutable are the ways of life.  There are things that you regard as negative, and this, in fact, the angels passed you by the way of Tao.  You think you've been wronged, but in fact, you've done an extraordinary thing and helped an angel.

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10.5492.     AR AR

The meaning of your life is to serve people.  It doesn't matter if they're good or bad.  Many of these people can be angels, serving them, you fulfill your destiny.  Even if you accidentally manage to help an angel, divine grace and joy will descend on you.

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10.5493.     AR AR

By helping people, you help angels.  Many of the people are awakened angels, others are sleeping angels.  Waking an angel is a good thing.  Helping an angel is the meaning of human life.

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10.2101.     AR AR

Angels are selfish and always lie to everyone.  Angels think they're the best and despise everyone else.  Angels are sick with pride and it turns them into demons.  Real demons are more democratic and more like angels.  They call for equality and say that one cannot deny oneself.

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10.2017. The dualism of desires.     AR AR

Black hole in psyche idealist connected with those, that all and he himself like and admire his white angel, and second part of his souls, rejected by black demon, no one likes and all despise.

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10.2126.     AR AR

If the meaning of your life is happiness and joy, then you are a drug addict.  If the meaning of your life is to serve some people, ideas and organizations, then you are an idolater.  Angels serve beauty and truth, and junkies and idolaters burn in hell.

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10.2375. Creators of beauty and truth.     AR AR

The meaning of this life is to learn to be a Creator.  The souls of righteous creators after death become angels, those who help God to build the universe.  All others are erased.

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