3.910.     AR AR

Beauty   wants   to   Be…   Catch   the   flow   of   its   desire.

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5.976.     AR AR

Flow is, in fact, love. Love for your idea and goal. Flow, which means love, is the source of genius and creativity. Those who have no love are not creative.

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10.1074.     AR AR

It is not difficult to follow the path, the path is like falling into an abyss.  It is difficult to step into the abyss.  It's hard to let go of affection.  It is difficult to find the wisdom and courage not to die of fear and despondency during the endless fall into the abyss.

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7.6908.     AR AR

When you're in the flow, you make progress and things happen. Because stream is a river of energy, and the success of it's ports in them, and the case is over.

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10.6022.     AR AR

It was hard to begin.  But when you enter the stream, you begin to experience the joy of the stream.  It's hard to finish, too.  To change the look of joy on her absence really do not want.

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10.6044.     AR AR

Keep an eye on what kind of flow you're in.  You can enter the stream in different ways, but it is always difficult to get out of it.  Especially avoid bad habits and killing time.

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10.6061.     AR AR

Start at any cost.  Start with a tremendous effort of will.  Start and remember that as soon as you start, the stream will catch you, and you will fall like a stone down into the abyss.  However, it will be even harder to finish than to start.  Falling into the abyss can last indefinitely.

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10.6424. Dispassion.     AR AR


The first stage of the journey is difficult for you.  The second is easy and sublime.  In the third stage, you attain dispassion and enlightenment.  One who has reached the third stage can run endlessly.


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10.3389. Sublimation of love.     AR AR

Love is a flow of energy that needs to be sublimated in the right direction.  Tie what you need and what you love.

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7.6942.     AR AR

If you drop all worries and anxieties about the future, but just plunge into the flow and do what you should, then your future and present will be beautiful.

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10.5604.     AR AR

It's okay that you stopped.  As you stand, your energy grows.  As soon as you give birth to the dream and the fear will disappear, you're like a rocket going into space.

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10.5598.     AR AR

Life is movement.  To love life is to love motion.  When you do a job, don't think about the end, enjoy the process.

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10.5423. In the flow of love.     AR AR

Everything is predetermined for those in whom there is love.  Those in whom there is no love are condemned to the slavery of chance.

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5.987.     AR AR

Tao is an ascending stream, rushing from chaos to order. Since order is a source of energy and power, the next in the flow is in a state of increasing joy from the feeling of energy and power growth.

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5.986.     AR AR

The essence of flow is ordering. The thread is not just moving, it is not clear where and for what purpose. Flow is the desire to create order. The transformation of chaos into order is flow. Flow is a striving from fear to joy. Chaos and lies breed fear, and order and truth breed joy.

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10.5660.     AR AR

Flow is when you do step into the abyss and with the acceleration of free fall falling into an abyss.

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5.969. A cure for fear.     AR AR

Flow is aspiration to the goal, a state of growth. Growth is joyful. Lack of growth breeds fear and neurosis. The flow is the cure for fear.

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5.459.     AR AR

The big man is like high mountains, he is cold and reserved. Admiring the wind brings them to the foot of the mountains, the clouds, the rains and rivers create life. The valleys at the foot of the mountains are fertile. Wind, clouds, rain and rivers are streams of energy, time and money.

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5.458.     AR AR

The big man reached enormous as mountains, greatness of spirit, channeling his desire down, in reality, directs the energy flow from the mountains into the valley.

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4.253.     AR AR

Happiness is a state of motion associated with absolute peace. The state of motion of the energy flow. You disappear in this flow, you become energy yourself.

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10.1930.     AR AR

I see no possibility of error for one who follows the path.  Whatever stupidity not committed-reaching, all use to anyone.  Whatever happens, it's good for the Walker.

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