3.1308.     AR AR

Jealousy stems from understanding love as "Having."  Jealousy is the feeling of property and the fear of loss or damage.  Possession of people?  It smacks of slaveholding and pride, which means welcome to hell.

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8.13. It brings joy to bring joy.     AR AR

It's  a  great  pleasure  to  bring  joy  as  the  source  of  joy  is  happy. 

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2194. A weeping person     AR AR

When  the  joy  is  gone,  the  sadness  comes. 
Sadness  is  an  aftertaste  to  joy... 

-  And  is  it  possible  for  joy  not  to  fade  away? 
-  Yes,  it's  possible  but  this  way  the  joy  will  quickly  bore  you  and  you'll  start  to  hate  it... 

It's  terrible.  A  person  who  hates  joy  is  unhappy.  As  this  person  forgot  how  to  rejoice.  And  the  joy  has  left  this  person  forever.  And  this  person,  deprived  of  joy,  can  only  weep. 

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3.1309. A sign of uncertainty.     AR AR

Jealousy is a sign of weakness and fear.  Strong and courageous people words such as jealousy do not know.

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3.1310.     AR AR

Jealousy is a woman's great weapon to control weak and insecure men, turning them into her slaves.

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2609. The power of the Sun.     AR AR

«A  hero  is  full  of  joy».  If  your  actions  are  right  than  you're  a  hero.  And  since  you're  a  hero,  you're  happy  and  excited.  Struggling  makes  you  very  happy  and  euphoric.  And  your  enthusiasm  makes  you  even  stronger. 
You're  wonderful.  You're  absolutely  pure.  All  your  fears  have  left  you.  You're  a  superpower.  You're  a  star. 

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2992. Getting clean.     AR AR

I  turn  suffering  into  joy  by  expecting  joy  that  comes  after  it. 

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3.1311.     AR AR

Give me the jealousy away.  Jealousy is evil, it is pride and, therefore, suffering.  Jealousy will make you a slave.  You pretend to be a slave-owner, but, in fact, you yourself are a miserable slave to your passion.

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3032. The resignation of a warrior.   AR AR

Resignation  is  fatalism.  “It’s  for  the  best,”  he  thinks,  smiling,  and  takes  a  step  forward.  What  is  for  the  best  fills  the  soul  with  joy.  Joy  kills  dejection.  The  hands  that  were  down  five  minutes  ago  rise  again,  holding  the  sword  tight.  He  is  again  ready  to  go  into  battle.  The  warrior  resigned  to  his  destiny…

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1219.     AR AR

Jealousy  is  just  a  form  of  fear. 

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3.1312. Just stay still.     AR AR

When you are overcome by jealousy, breathe deeply and meditate.  Jealousy is a normal fear and fight it need as well as fear.

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3.131.     AR AR

Your   realization   that   nothing   has   been   superfluous   in   your   life   will   kill   your   fear.   Everything   goes   as   planned.   When   everything   goes   as   planned,   it   is   joyful   and   inspiring.

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3.160.     AR AR

Tableware beats fortunately because it is a great reason to upgrade.  Everything new is joyful and full of energy.

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10.6458.     AR AR

Idealists believe either that they alone must own their love, and this is called jealousy, or that all must love what they love.

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10.7014.     AR AR

Against the background of a 10 km. marathon, easy 3-4 km runs are joyful and look like an eternal high.

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10.6465. A zealous lover.     AR AR


Pride is the desire to dominate love, either by possessing it alone or by making everyone love it.  Idealists, falling in love, fall into this sin simultaneously from both sides.


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10.4159.     AR AR

The zeal for the truth, too, is pride.  The desire to appropriate the truth and the uniqueness of it is a mortal sin.

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10.7017.     AR AR

To fulfill your purpose, relax and do whatever you want out of joy, but don't do what you want out of fear, boredom, anger, greed, etc.

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10.6885.     AR AR

As long as a person fulfills his destiny, there is no fear, anxiety or doubt, but there is joy and inspiration.

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10.4888.     AR AR

What is the uniqueness?  The king of the mountain, jealously defending his mound from the crowd of sufferers?

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10.4154.     AR AR

Uniqueness is the only chance to achieve perfection, but it is very easy to spoil everything with pride.  You can't dominate love.  Your jealousy of everyone who tries to share your uniqueness with you is pride and jealousy.  Pride is dangerous, it turns heaven into hell.

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