Kniha víry. Povaha zázraku.

100 nejlepších filozofických myšlenek, které odhalují povahu víry a Boha. Bůh je Stvořitel zázraku. Aby Bůh vytvořil zázrak, je nutná Víra, naděje a láska. Láska a víra je to, co Bůh vytváří. Pokud potřebujete zázrak a chcete pochopit povahu a přínos víry, musíte si přečíst tuto knihu. Kniha nese общефилософский charakter a zkoumá otázky Víry mimo vazby na konkrétní náboženství. Nic zbytečného, jen správné.






10.6986. Experience of knowledge.   AR AR

Love is an experience of knowledge.  By knowing the world around you, you gain truth, and therefore faith.  Faith that there is a great power.

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10.5829. Power of faith.   AR AR

To succeed, you don't just have to walk on the edge, you have to walk on water.  You need to step into the abyss and go through the air.

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10.6935.   AR AR

Honesty breeds faith, which means love.  Love is what creates truth and puts barriers against lies.  That is, if you need beauty and inspiration, be honest and open.  Tightness and lies are not capable of beauty and truth..

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10.6767. Real faith.   AR AR


There is an opinion that possibility and probability are an illusion of the mind.  There is only inevitability.  So personally, I only believe in the inevitable.  All other options are when there is no faith.


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10.6523.   AR AR

Hope is the Future.  Faith is real.  Love loves them both equally.  Truth is the unity of the present and all possible futures.

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10.6390.   AR AR

Self-love comes from self-belief.  You should listen and trust your intuition.  Intuition knows the future and knows what is best.  You can't question your intuition.  It undermines self-confidence.

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10.6247. Unconditional love.   AR AR

True faith is when you humbly accept that what you love and believe to be true may be a lie, but it doesn't matter to you.  Love is an unconditional feeling.  You love it anyway.  It doesn't matter whether it's true or false, good or bad, useful or useless, painful or joyful.  It doesn't matter to true love.

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10.6092. True faith.   AR AR

Faith is something that comes to terms with doubt.  Doubt is the sin of discouragement.  The sin of despondency is a mortal sin for which a person instantly falls into hell.

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10.5875.   AR AR

Faith is the power of love, which allows you to turn the illusion into reality.

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10.5877.   AR AR

Faith is the power that allows you to use what is not.  What is not there is uncertainty and uncertainty.

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10.5874. Energy Is Nothing.   AR AR

The energy of faith is limitless.  Belief in uncertainty allows you to extract energy from what is not, from lies and fantasies.  Faith is the ability to draw energy from Nothing.  Being is infinite and unknowable, belief in Nothingness is an ocean of energy.

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10.22003.   AR AR

A lover is someone who has faith.

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10.22225.   AR AR

Experience is movement, so experience is one of the names of faith.

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10.22209.   AR AR

The incredible ease of being is due to the fact that everything is so easy that faith with a mustard seed is enough for any, even the most difficult thing.

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10.22202.   AR AR

The crucifixion  Jesus on the cross is a metaphor that your faith should not be dependent on other people's opinions.  Even if your love has been crucified, you must be the one to resurrect it.  True love is good because no matter how many times it is crucified, there are those who will rekindle the flame of love.

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10.22199.   AR AR

Of course, faith and love will save you, but faith is a movement and God helps the one who is walking.  Are you already performing an act of faith?  Where is your movement towards the expected and confidence in the unseen?

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10.22178.   AR AR

The act of faith creates an extension from a lie, thus transforming it into truth.  Truth is love and beauty, sources of boundless energy and power.

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10.22168.   AR AR

Wholeness is truth, and therefore extension and an act of faith.  Wholeness is strong, joyful, and a source of energy.

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10.22118.   AR AR

Love is a motive.  Hope is a goal.  Faith is a movement toward a goal.  Truth is the unity of faith, hope, and love.  The truth is the reality.  Faith is movement, movement is joyous.  False love is called pride.  The motives of pride fill the act of faith with suffering, and turn hopes into lies.

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10.22065.   AR AR

I believe in movement, life, joy and love.  I don't believe this is inhibition, fear and lack of joy.

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10.22041.   AR AR

To have it is a process of movement, which means joy.  You can't  To have, without committing an act of faith and a constant renewal of movement.  To have this looped movement around.

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