6.5204.   AR AR

A man who was born blind and was healed by Jesus is a symbol that a man is born ignorant, but he can grasp the truth and so see.

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6.5400.   AR AR

The rebirth of Jesus is the awakening of the mind from sleep, the awakening of God from darkness, ignorance and illusion.

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4.767.   AR AR

The point of Christianity is that Jesus is a carpenter and you are a saw. Your purpose in life is to be useful and to nag. But if you get blunt or broken, how will you do your job? Sharpen your mind, read more and strengthen your faith, so you will be useful for being.

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9.4546. Twice born.   AR AR

The  point  of  the  story  about  the  resurrection  of  Jesus  is  that  you  have  to  kill  the  caterpillar  (the  ignoble,  vices,  sins  and  absurdities)  inside  yourself  in  order  to  become  a  butterfly  (angel).  A  worthy  person  is  always  born  twice:  the  first  time  when  his  body  is  born  and  the  second  time  when  his  soul  is.

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5.633.   AR AR

Jesus was the Angel of Armageddon, whose purpose was to awaken the sleepers... for wine can be created from water only in a dream, and in a dream you can walk on water... Wake up, Jesus asked them, but when the master came, everyone was asleep. In the context of the Bible many times mentioned that people fell asleep, that did not wait, that should be awake, that is, to maintain awareness. Jesus ' task is to Wake the sleepers.

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5.638.   AR AR

An idealist is a man in love with a dream. A man in love with something he has never seen, an illusion that does not exist, and, most sadly, which, according to the laws of our world, can not be in principle. An idealist is a man in love with a miracle. Wake up, Jesus tells him. The idealist answers him: show me a miracle and then I will believe that this is a dream and, believing in you, I will love you and recognize you as the son of God. Everything is possible in a dream, and Jesus shows him miracles one by one. You are the true God, " rejoices the idealist... And wakes up. But there is one small problem, the idealist is not able to distinguish between dream and reality, this is the cause of many of his suffering.

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7.6775.   AR AR

The essence of Freud's concept that the causes of all our problems lie in childhood intersects with the Christian concept of original sin and the mission of Jesus Christ to break the vicious circle of the fall, when the sins of parents are paid for by their children.

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10.3066. True vision.   AR AR

Jesus ' healing of the blind is a metaphor for enlightenment.  Jesus gives people his vision of reality.  Reality is beautiful, having gained sight, people comprehend love and joy.

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10.2866.   AR AR

Separating the wheat from the chaff is fishing.  The fish that is caught in the net of sins and vices is the chaff.  The fish whose shepherd is Jesus will be saved.  Salvation in Christ means becoming part of the fish school of the Church and escaping the temptations of the devil together.

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10.2865.   AR AR

The symbol of Jesus is this fish.  The man is a fish.  The vices of it's hooks and nets.  If you fish, you should avoid the nets, hooks, freebies, idols and other mandula.

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