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10.7125.     AR AR

The world is very dangerous for the blind.  The blind man will go and fall into a pit, which the sighted man will easily avoid.  All your fears and anxieties are those of a blind man who cannot get around the pit.

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10.7126.     AR AR

You will not be able to understand and realize what you are afraid of.  Fear will blind your eyes and you will not see anything.

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10.7141.     AR AR

To break the rules, you need to know them, otherwise, it will be a blind walk through a minefield.

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10.7117.     AR AR

When an idealist sees a speck in someone else's eye, it is only a small reflection of his own log.  An idealist is a blind person who, no matter where he looks, sees only his own reflection in the mirror.

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10.7080. Blind.     AR AR

Love allows you to see and know the truth, in the absence of love, a person is immersed in illusions and lies.

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10.7081.     AR AR

A blind man sees only illusions and lies.  A blind man looks at people and sees only a reflection of himself.  Wherever the blind man looks, he sees only fear, nothing, or himself.

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10.7087. Useful features.     AR AR

Focus your love and attention on reality.  This will allow you to see the real world, not your illusions and fears.  When you see reality, you see dangers and opportunities. 

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3.711.     AR AR

An   arrogant   person   is   a   blind   one   who   does   not   see   who   beautiful   and   perfect   this   world   is.   An   arrogant   person   is   one   who   has   no   resignation   in   him.   If   resignation   is   added   to   arrogance,   it   will   turn   into   love,   hell   into   paradise   and   suffering   into   joy.

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5.834.     AR AR

He is afraid to step into the abyss of fear. He is blind, and the abyss of darkness is bottomless. Faith will allow him to see and understand that there is no abyss, but only a field dotted with holes that can easily be bypassed by the sighted. But fear the blind, if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into the pit.

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5.922.     AR AR

A blind man is a fool, just an ignorant fool. If you're a fool, you're blind. The Bible says that Jesus healed the blind, because God is reason and truth, and they are blind fools. You can't even be mad at fools because they're brain cripples, you can't mock the mentally ill. Fools need to be compassionate.

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5.908.     AR AR

Walking on the water is a symbol of the rise of the mind over the illusion of sleep. To step into the abyss and walk on the water all this means that you need to Wake up and realize that there is no abyss, there is no ocean of illusions. Wake up, says the Apostle Peter, while you see and believe in miracles you sleep. Everything you see is fantasy, and you're blind. Wake up, open your eyes, and you'll see the real world.

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2704. The deaf and the blind do not see God’s gifts.   AR AR

Stupidity  makes  a  man  deaf  and  blind. 
Greed  makes  a  man  deaf  and  blind. 
Arrogance  makes  a  man  deaf  and  blind. 
Self-infatuation  makes  a  man  deaf  and  blind 
And  something  else  too…

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2366. A blind one.     AR AR

A  glance  that  is  introverted,  barely  sees  anything  around. 

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