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4.2485.     AR AR

Take care of your attention, your attention is a great value. Attention is love. It's time and energy. If you happen to notice something, be sure to think-why. What a sign and meaning.

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4.37.     AR AR

You   have   at   your   fingertips   all   you   need   to   achieve   any   goal   you   may   have,   and   you   have   had   it   a   long   while.   You   are   just   inattentive   to   what   is   available.

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4.2726.     AR AR

As soon as you get scared, focus on now. Now there are no fears, all fears exist in the future or in the past.

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4.2585. Meditation sand.     AR AR

Focus and look at the sand, look at every grain of it. Train mindfulness to small.

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10.6283.     AR AR

Doubt and distraction really slow you down.  You do not have time to do anything, because you are very unsure of yourself and do not value your attention.

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10.6305.     AR AR

People see a lot of things, but mostly superficially or fragmented.  They should also be called blind.

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10.6491. Criminal inattention.     AR AR

Before you throw something away, look very carefully to see if there is anything valuable there.  It often happens when you throw it out first and then regret it.

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10.6503. Mindfulness of your fears.     AR AR


Fear is like a worm-eaten Apple.  The fact is that with minimal care, you can easily separate the soup from the flies.  However, if you close your eyes from pleasure or fear, you will have to eat the worm, which is extremely unpleasant, although not fatal.  


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10.4398.     AR AR

Respect is mindfulness.  Inattention is disrespect.

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10.4267.     AR AR

Global consists of little things.  It is necessary to be very attentive to trifles if you aspire to big.

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10.3569.     AR AR

Intuition is love.  Intuition is mindfulness and faith in yourself.

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10.3141. Knowledge is love.     AR AR

What is knowledge? 
- Knowledge is love, that is, mindfulness and contemplation, an attempt to discern the inner beauty of an object.

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10.3140. Watchful eyes.     AR AR

Benefit is inseparable from love.  You can't profit from something you don't love.  The benefit is visible only to the enamored look.

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10.3138.     AR AR

Nothing should interfere with your attentiveness, nothing should distract your attention...  Fear, stress, rocks, screaming, insults, people ...  Forget all about it.  Nothing should lead you astray and distract your attention.

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10.5552.     AR AR

The main cure for fear is attentiveness to what is happening around.

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10.5549.     AR AR

Easy fear is vigilance and attentiveness.  Strong fear is blinding from bright light.  The absence of fear is closed from the pleasure of the eyes.

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10.6125.     AR AR

The main reason for all conflicts is mutual fear and misunderstanding.  A little attention to the opponent, and most of the problems will be avoided.

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10.5354.     AR AR

Mindfulness is a slightly elevated level of fear.

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10.5326.     AR AR

When you are afraid of one or several idols, you are like a blind man.  Fear attracts your eyes, you become inattentive and do not see anything around.

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10.5325. Care.     AR AR

Fear is everything.  Love is everything.  Fear and love are two sides of the same coin called mindfulness and alertness.

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10.5215.     AR AR

You see an obstruction, don't stare at it like you're hypnotized.  I understand that fear attracts attention and dazzles the eyes, but you be smarter, look carefully at the sides.  Look into the darkness.  Let your eyes adjust to the darkness.

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10.4936.     AR AR

Everything you need to serve your purpose, you always have at hand.  Watch the trees carefully.  Moreover, your situation is even more favorable than they have, you're mobile and can even to choose your own place.

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6.4893.     AR AR

Sensitivity is attention to detail.

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6.4541. About attention to detail.     AR AR

Good always has a guardian angel who appears and disappears quite suddenly to save good from evil. Moreover, the guardian angel is a spirit that can take any form. Similarly, the devil behaves, only his purpose is to destroy sinners. The devil is in the details, but the guardian angel is very small and almost accidental.

And the pride, the sin of the righteous blinds him, and he does not notice the little guardian angel who wants to save him. So a blind man does not see the devil, who wants to destroy him.

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4.2771.     AR AR

To reach the handle is to reach that degree of concentration, when an ordinary doorknob turns into a symbol of hope for absolute beauty.

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4.2502. Who Am I? I'm a rider.     AR AR

The rider should be very careful what the horse thinks and where it goes.

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4.2251.     AR AR

The point of Gestalt is to focus on the present and not be afraid of the future.

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1136.   AR AR

If you look closely at this world, you can see that it consists of very simple things…

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6.14.     AR AR

Love is the concentration of attention on reality.

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10.5356.     AR AR

The more attentive a person is, the more fear there is, but less anxiety.

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10.6203.     AR AR

The most important property of the mind is to forget and ignore.  Smart people ignore 80% of what fools are very attentive to.

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10.6260. Mindfulness and concentration.     AR AR

I am afraid of everything, because God is everything.  However, because my fear is divided into millions of small pieces, it is very small.  All my fears are so small that I can easily control them all.

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10.6281.     AR AR

The problem is not that you do it slowly, but that you constantly stop and get distracted.  Truth is stability.  Lying is very unstable.

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