3.163. Waiting for life to happen.     AR AR

The   road   of   expectation   is   the   accumulation   of   critical   mass.   If   you   keep   waiting   but   your   strength   goes   down   rather   than   up,   that’s   called   waiting   for   life   to   happen.

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39.     AR AR

People  expect  something  all  their  life… 
Expectation  is  a  process  that  consumes 
energy  and  time  more  than  anything  else 
in  a  man's  life.  And  at  the  same  time, 
it's  the  most  useless  thing  in  the  world. 

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10.6396.     AR AR

Grains of reasonable, good and light grow for a long time.  Be patient.

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10.6448.     AR AR


Judging this means, among other things, waiting for something.  Are you waiting for.  It doesn't come true.  And you're crying.  This is wrong.  God is reality.  Reality should be enjoyed in any case.  This will allow you to benefit and enjoy any situation.


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5.6.     AR AR

Judge not, lest ye be judged, this will save you from laziness, apathy, and depression.  When an idealist judges reality, it always fails to live up to his ideal, fails to live up to his expectations and shatters his illusions.  A mismatch between expectations of reality cause cognitive dissonance and 1000 of his sins and vices.

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4035.     AR AR

When  you  wait  by  the  sea  for  the  weather,  it's  rational  to  be  busy  with  something  useful. 

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10.6287. Can we wait?     AR AR

Make sure that laziness does not become a habit.  Laziness is tricky, it likes to come up with false reasons why you don't need to do anything.

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4.104.     AR AR

It   is   wrong   to   speed   up   time   –   time   should   be   slowed   down.   The   slower   time   passes,   the   better.   What’s   more,   do   not   wait   for   anything   and   do   not   wish   that   time   speed   up,   God   forbid!   No,   the   later   something   happens,   the   better.

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10.6284.     AR AR

Waiting is a lie.  If you find yourself doing nothing because you are waiting for something, you are trapped.  Find someone who will kick you in the ass, pay them, and let them beat you.

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208. Waiting for the spring to come.     AR AR

When  everything  goes  wrong,  it  means  that  winter  has  come  and  it's  time  to  go  into  hibernation. 

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9.9732.     AR AR

Expectations should always be their own, others ' expectations are all from the evil one. It is permissible to deceive other people's expectations.

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9.9852. Impatient parents.     AR AR

Their main problem is impatience, they do not know how to wait and therefore can not grow anything.

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3.36. Battery.     AR AR

Need a win without a victory in any way.  Great victory to wait a long time and you can be exhausted.  Stripped big plan into small steps and rejoice with every small victory.  When there were no victories for a long time, make a small feat and rejoice to it.   

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8.1064.     AR AR

Many  tendencies  can  be  caused  by  a  mere  expectation  of  them... 

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2037.     AR AR

You  hope  and  fantasize  too  much,  forgetting  that  the  world  consists  of  suddenness  and  astonishment. 

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7.7117.     AR AR

The  one  who  complacently  waits  for  destiny  is  a  quiet  sort.  Waiting  for  destiny  is  like  a  man  waiting  for  a  beauty  to  come  to  him  and  say  –  «Be  my  husband».

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2372. The philosophers' stone.     AR AR

Something  is  funny  when  it's  unexpected. 
Something  is  scary  when  it's  unexpected. 
Something  is  surprising  when  it's  unexpected. 
Something  is  interesting  when  it's  unexpected. 
Something  is  effective  when  it's  unexpected. 

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2786. Do not you wait     AR AR

As  a  rule,  miracles  happen  suddenly. 

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7.6438.     AR AR

Humility is freedom from expectations. You should not wait for good or bad, but only rejoice and grieve for what is.

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7.4656.     AR AR

If  you  want  to  be  really  unexpected,  you  have  to  act  in  ways  that  are  unexpected  even  for  yourself.  You  have  to  learn  to  contradict  yourself  in  order  to  avoid  consent  with  yourself.

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7.4410.     AR AR

Parents like to expect from a child what they could not do themselves.

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