Optimismus a pesimismus






5.236. Victory over despondency and laziness.     AR AR

Watching the ingenuity with which ants get their daily bread, you lose despondency and enlightened. If even a little ant can get its daily bread, why should you be afraid? And where there is no fear, there is no despondency. Why are you given reason? To eat, for reason is man's only perfect weapon.

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4.1491.     AR AR

The opposite of depression is optimism. The optimist, having lost his optimism, plunges into depression and cries.

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2912. Self delusion.     AR AR

Whimpering  and  despair  may  be  unpleasant  not  only  for  others  but  even  for  the  one  who  shows  them. 

As  he  who  whimpers  to  himself,  is  really  unhappy.  It's  only  nice  things  that  one  should  tell  oneself  as  it  brings  good  mood. 

And  it's  better  to  keep  silent  about  problems... 

Tell  yourself  that  you're  happy  and  you'll  feel  happy. 

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4370. Forlornness is dangerous.     AR AR

Forlornness   and   depression   can   be   seen   as   some   self-destruct   mechanism   that   is   aimed   at   destroying   some   useless   being.

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4.201.     AR AR

The other side of pleasure is sadness. Pleasure inevitably turns into sadness and depression. People who choose the meaning of their life pleasure, inevitably end up sad and depressed depression.

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4.483.     AR AR

Prudence forbids a suitable person to mourn; for trouble is there's a mask of sadness, a terrible sin.

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6.308.     AR AR

Be afraid of the best, if suddenly you find it, it will turn you into a drug addict. The best is the drug. Everything in life will turn gray for you, and the pain of despondency will fill you.

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7.341.     AR AR

Foolish hope a great cure for sadness and depression. Don't be afraid to be stupid, stupidity is good. Stupid us to build and live help.

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4.4210.     AR AR

The optimistic fool thinks he is extremely clever. When the stage of optimism is replaced by pessimism, the fool becomes depressed and begins to feel extremely stupid.

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10.3732.     AR AR

A foolish optimism is a good thing.  Such people easily and quickly do what no, even the most steely courage is not capable of.

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10.2207.     AR AR

Optimism is the search for and evaluation of new opportunities, and nihilism is the assessment of risks.

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7.365. A miracle cure.     AR AR

Work  is  said  to  be  almost  the  only  cure  from  dejection  and  depression,  and  then  work  stops  pain  too.

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10.2515.     AR AR

The main source of depression is optimism.  Having exhausted themselves, optimists inevitably fall into depression.

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8.957.     AR AR

There  are  always  enough  reasons  for  sadness  while  reasons  for  joy  need  to  be  found.  Hence,  joy  means  moving  and  working.  Once  you  stop,  forlornness  will  swallow  you. 

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9.9318.     AR AR

Look  for  hope  and  new  opportunities  in  everything,  it  will  help  you  to  avoid  sloth,  (i.e.  rot). 

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4.1492.     AR AR

Well to bring themselves up to despair, because despair great shifts in optimism and dispassion. Humility with despair turns it into a joyful faith. But the attempt to escape from despair by self-deception and the search for external protection plunges a person into various States of chronic depression. The main symptom of depression is dependence on antidepressants and the inability to exist without external support. The problem with any antidepressant is getting used to it.

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4.1688. Randomness factor.     AR AR

Optimists say: all my successes depend on me. Depressed patients say: all my problems depend on me. In fact, optimism and depression are one and the same bipolar disorder. Optimists, burning out, become depressed. Depressive, cured, again become optimistic. Normal people avoid extremes in their judgments. Remember, you are not to blame for everything and chance is not to blame for everything, and the outside world is not to blame for everything. There is a balance of influence of subjective, objective and random.

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4.2740.     AR AR

Hiding from himself the suffering for optimism and the other a lie, you steal from himself the joy of heroism and strength of character.

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4.3293.     AR AR

Life is a hard thing to live without optimism.

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4.3515.     AR AR

Death   is   a   great   medicine   from   depression   and   dejection.   When   you   get   depressed,   imagine   you   are   dead,   you   get   buried,   the   coffin   lid   is   nailed   down   and   you   are   buried   into   the   ground.   There   you   are   in   a   tight   darkness,   forever   deprived   of   light.   After   lying   like   that   for   a   couple   of   hours,   when   you   howl   in   fear   and   thirst   for   life,   get   out   and   do   not   cram   your   head   with   nonsense.

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4.3866.     AR AR

So what if it's bad for you? Is there any tragedy or cause for despondency in this? Who cares about the ant?

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