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7.527.     AR AR

Greed is the same as greed, but Vice versa. Too little is the same as too much when viewed from the other side.

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6.510.     AR AR

We'll have a little if we use ours... alien, that's what makes us greedy and hungry.

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4.1124.     AR AR

Greed demands more cost-effective solutions. The problem is that many people have problems with the economy. What is cheaper-a one-time thing or reusable? What is cheaper-to do good or bad? To make the first time or long and tedious to finish and redo? Make it whole or half?

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4.1470.     AR AR

Are you complaining about living in hell? It's all your greed and greed. Indeed, in hell molten gold and extract energy. Light in hell. You yourself are a moth, flying into the light. What motivated you? Love the shiny? Fear of darkness? Awareness of your own insignificance?

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4.1471.     AR AR

I'm happy because I don't want any suffering or reward for it. Suffering is a sign of greed, I suppose you're hoping for a reward?

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10.7151.     AR AR

To realize your dreams, do not be small.  Throw away your pennies!  "Everything!  Give me some bread and water, waiter."

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10.7038.     AR AR

Greed is terribly painful.  Greed is like a SIP of boiling water, like a SIP of molten tin.

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5.902.     AR AR

From fear not swear, for fear this the devil, and the devil – lies. The oath given in fear is a contract for the sale of the soul to the devil. However, the oath given in passion is also the sale of the soul to the devil, for passion is the mortal sin of greed. Greed is fear, to get less than you want.

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10.6639.     AR AR


Anger is easily overcome by greed.  Anger and malice are useless expulsions of one's own energy.  Fatigue, laziness, and exhaustion are common consequences of anger.


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3.301.     AR AR

The   stronger   hope   is,   the   more   it   has   avarice   and,   therefore,   arrogance,   in   it.   Arrogance   turns   hope   into   lie.   Resignation   turns   hope   into   truth,   and   the   same   goes   for   love   and   faith.

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3.281.     AR AR

Passion is greed, which means pride.

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10.6512.     AR AR

Fat is needed in order to grow, and not in order to pray for him.  The larva accumulates fat to use for rebirth into a butterfly during the cocoon stage.

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3339. If you buy cheaply, you pay dearly.     AR AR

Greed…  greed…  I  see  it  as  the  heaviest  human  sin.  I  guess,  greed  is  some  kind  of  sadomasochism.  Guess  how  many  mice  got  into  mousetraps  because  of  free  cheese.  And  how  many  snakes  choked  over  something  big  that  they  tried  to  swallow…  Or  how  much  one  overpaid…  because  of  the  desire  to  save  money… 

Greed  may  become  the  source  of  many  sins... 

It's  greed  that  can  make  one  do  one's  job  badly  because  of  trying  to  take  shortcuts  or  save  materials.  Something  done  badly  is  a  heavy  sin.  A  lot  of  work  was  left  half-done  or  gummed  up  because  of  greed. 
It's  greed  that  can  make  a  person  throw  money  away  and  still  get  nothing.  And  pay  twice  as  more  later.  Thus,  it  will  be  a  sin  of  energy  inefficiency. 

There's  hardly  anything  that  is  punished  by  destiny  more  than  greed. 
Pain  is  greed's  middle  name. 

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10.5148. The highest value.     AR AR

Take care of your pleasures, do not abuse them.  From a sense of greed and love of pleasure spend them very sparingly.

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10.4463.     AR AR

Limiting desires, on the one hand, avoids greed and overkill, and on the other, increases the energy of desires and gives them a beautiful form.

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3.902.     AR AR

Greed and greed is multiplying by zero.

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4.122.     AR AR

The   first   road   to   hell   is   fear.   The   second   one   is   lie.   The   third   one   is   greed.   The   4th   one   is   avarice.   The   5th   one   is   ignorance   and   stupidity.   The   6th   one   is   anger.   The   7th   is   dejection,   lack   of   faith   and   dream.   There   are   other   roads   too,   but   the   first   seven   ones   will   suffice   you,   I   guess.

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4147.     AR AR

The  devil  always  knows  how  to  tempt...  by  using  greed,  vanity,  rage,  offence,  or  even  stupidity...  if  there  was  no  laziness,  everyone  would  perish. 

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4.251.     AR AR

Rich   and   poor   are   alike.   The   rich   clung   to   the   wealth   he   has,   and   the   poor   clung   to   the   wealth   he   does   not   have.   The   sin   of   the   poor   is   greed   and   envy,   he   literally   goes   crazy   about   what   he   does   not   have,   and   he   is   ready   to   kill   for   what   he   has.

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4.281.     AR AR

Sanity is sufficiency, in the style of thinking of failure involves chronic greed, or greed.

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5.924.     AR AR

Do you know what passion and greed are? That's overkill. That's when the light went out and the power went out. Do you realize that if you burn, it will be eternal darkness?

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5.933.     AR AR

That we do not appreciate, lost cry. It is always a consequence of intemperance and greed. We run after others, we don't watch ours. It is necessary to restrain your greed and greed, by an effort of will doing what you do not really want, and what you want, not doing.

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6.211.     AR AR

Greed and avarice is a sin, and therefore punishable by the loss of time, money and nerves.

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