10.74053.   AR AR


10.72275.   AR AR


10.67364. A Petri Dish.     AR AR

The third dose of coronavirus vaccine, then the fourth, then the fifth, etc.  It sounds like nonsense.  This turns a person into some kind of bacterial factory.  It's scary to imagine where it could all lead. 

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.67365.     AR AR

I remembered saying that covid happens  from the flu.  Is it possible to get vaccinated against the flu?  In this sense, the covid vaccine reminds me of the cancer vaccine, but there is no vaccination against cancer, and there can be no vaccination, because the vaccine is a weakened virus that generates immunity to the disease, and weakened cancer and immunity to it are originally in a person.  Chronic stress and neurosis make the immune system vulnerable to cancer and covid.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.68534.     AR AR

Vaccination  from the coronavirus, this is the clearest example of paranoia and neurosis.  What is this miracle vaccination that lasts six months?  Because of the presence of vaccination, freedom of movement and human rights are restricted. the effectiveness of vaccination is low, the danger of the disease is exaggerated, but people are forcibly forced to inject all sorts of muck.  I read the news here that they still figured out how to catch fake vaccinations.  Soon they will be grabbing people on the streets and giving them injections by force.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.68661.     AR AR

Criminal and administrative prosecution of people who refuse to vaccinate and oppose it is genocide and a crime against natural human rights and freedoms.  At this rate, people will soon be caught on the street and forced to give them injections.  Oh, wondrous, glorious World.  Where Are we going?  What do paranoia and fears lead us to?

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.68817. Conspiracy theory.     AR AR

I thought that the purpose of vaccination  from coronavirus - to mark the human body, then launch another virus that will arrange genocide and mow down a bunch of people, thus solving the problem of overpopulation.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.69108. Star of show business.     AR AR

Paranoia and restriction of human rights related to coronavirus, I personally have many questions.  In 2020, almost a million people died from heart disease in Russia, and a little more than a hundred thousand died from coronavirus at the same time.  Is there something I don't understand?  Why we have paranoia because of the coronavirus, why there is no paranoia from heart attacks, strokes and dozens of other diseases. 

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.69109.     AR AR

I look at our "favorite"  coronavirus and I see how different smart-ass uncles and aunts under this case are rowing money with a shovel and plundering our state.  "Here are the Bastards!" - the thought revolves in my head... bastards, so that you all choke.  Of course, these goats benefit from the paranoia around this case to inflate.  For such money, these bastards will not only sell paranoia, but their mother and Homeland. 

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.69257.     AR AR

The Savior is a very dubious character.  Experience tells us that most drugs are worse than the diseases they treat.  More  moreover, most diseases are the offspring of drugs that were used to combat early, still very weak diseases.  Thus the evolution of diseases is the evolution of drugs.  At each new turn of evolution, the former medicine becomes a new disease, and we begin to create a cure for it, which will then become a new disease.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.61122.     AR AR

The mission of the coronavirus is to teach us to appreciate the most important things.  The most important thing is the ability to breathe.  Coronavirus will teach you to appreciate what is near and accessible, to relax in your homeland and appreciate your loved ones.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.70519.     AR AR

Wedge with wedge knocks out.  Many diseases, competing with each other, create the possibility of life.  If most diseases are cured, the few that remain will quickly devour the person, and that's the end of it.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.70769.     AR AR

Fear of death breeds idols.  The fear of death idolizes life and fills it with paranoid fears and ravenous hunger.  The fear of death is the sin of pride, from which all suffering, fears, diseases and neuroses of man originate.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.70770. A good reason.     AR AR

Using the example of the coronavirus epidemic, we were able to personally see what paranoia in people generates even a minimal fear of death.  Can you imagine what would happen to these people if the threat were real?  By the way, notice how, following the paranoia, the thirst for power, the restriction of people's rights and freedom of movement and work intensified.  Notice how fear has created a good reason to restrict people's freedom.  This fear perfectly feeds the ambition, hatred, greed and lust for power of many people.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.70844. A vaccine against fear.     AR AR

The meaning of syntalism is to create a vaccine against fear.  Our society is vulnerable against fear.  Any fear can easily turn into paranoia and destroy our society.  The example of coronavirus is a vivid proof of this.  In this sense, syntalism can still be called a vaccine against ignorance, stupidity and pride.  Pride requires vaccination, for there is no other cause for paranoia and ignorance than pride.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.70952.     AR AR

As for vaccination against coronavirus, for a whole year this topic infuriated me and caused  furious protest.  However, remembering that  I am a synthalist, and the first commandment of syntalism is "Love Your Enemy", I saw the light, and enlightenment descended upon me.  I realized that the whole point of syntalism is to create a collective immunity against neurosis.  Syntalism is a kind of vaccine against neurosis, which is the source of all human suffering, disease, Vice and misery.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.70953.     AR AR

Neurosis is caused by the suppression of some needs and emotions.  Whatever a person hates or dislikes, he suppresses.  Thus healing  neurosis is associated with the fulfillment of the commandment "Love Your Enemy."

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.70956. Violence is not an option.     AR AR

I am outraged not by the coronavirus vaccination itself, but by its forced enforcement nature and restrictions on the unvaccinated.  Thus, we outlaw healthy people.  My position is based on my experience with the realization that any violence and suppression in the long term always produces consequences much more dangerous than the cause that was initially fought.  Everything that is driven underground and suppressed begins  strive for overprotection, sublimation, mutation, mimicry and gains tremendous power.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.71015.     AR AR

I am not against vaccination  from the coronavirus, I am against violence and restricting the rights of healthy people.  An unvaccinated person is an absolutely healthy normal person who is deprived of his rights only because some other people have become unquestioning obsessive slaves to the idols of their fears.  Vaccination and medicine should be voluntary.  It is abhorrent when medicine becomes a punitive instrument of enslaving the freedom of the human spirit.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.71086.     AR AR

I don't understand why I or my wife would get vaccinated against coronavirus.  I have an antibody level of 480, my wife has 440.  After vaccination, the antibody level is promised 200 or 300, ideally 500 units. however, without vaccination, I am not given a certificate and a QR code, without which they restrict my freedom of movement and work.  The question is, what the hell and how to deal with it?

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.71087.     AR AR

I don't want to vaccinate myself against coronavirus.  Why don't I?  I just don't want to, this is my body and I myself have the right to decide what I want or don't want inside it.  Imagine that you do not want to have anal sex, and some rapist wants to rape you.  Of course, you can give up, you can accept, you can relax and have fun.  But you can not do all this, and resist to the last, ignoring all the rational arguments of prudence that you need to surrender.  I don't care that anal sex is good for the prostate, pleasant and in general it has a lot of other advantages.  I don't give a damn about all these fine arguments.  I don't want to, period.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.71088.     AR AR

So that's what we have.  If I do not want to be vaccinated against coronavirus, then I will have to tame my pride, which longs for freedom, travel and entertainment.  Fine, I can not go anywhere for a couple of years, do not go to restaurants and museums.  I don't even have to go out, to hell with it.  I will devote my time to work, reading, self-improvement, learning foreign languages, playing sports.  When this damn epidemic is over, I'll be like a Superman.  That is, my choice is:  either become superhuman or get this vaccination.  Rationally, I choose the former.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.72198.     AR AR

According to the understanding of syntalism, humanity is on the verge of extinction and will destroy its own fear of death and disease.  The development of our wonderful medicine has led to the fact that we are intensively training viruses with antibiotics and vaccines.  Sooner or later, some virus will mutate and destroy everyone.  In this sense, syntalism proposes to colonize the Moon, and this will give a chance to save at least part of human civilization.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.74040.   AR AR


10.74041.   AR AR


10.74042.   AR AR


10.74043.   AR AR


10.74044.   AR AR


10.74045.   AR AR


10.74046.   AR AR


10.74047.   AR AR


10.74050.   AR AR


10.74051.   AR AR


10.74052.   AR AR


10.74054.   AR AR


10.74055.   AR AR


10.74057.   AR AR


10.67612.     AR AR

I think the goal of the pandemic is to throw as many people as possible into the virtual world.  The audience of virtual gaming universes is growing enormously.  On the one hand, this is a lot of money, on the other hand, a new market and an elegant solution to the crisis of overproduction.  On the third hand, fewer people in the real world – more oxygen.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.67613.     AR AR

In connection with the pandemic, we are massively developing online classes for students.  On the one hand, this is bad, and on the other hand, it teaches people to learn independently through online services.  That is, by this method we can theoretically defeat ignorance and teach people to learn on their own.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


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