10.70865. The future has begun.     AR AR

Syntalism is a philosophy necessary to help a small person take a small step to a new stage of evolutionary development.  One small step of man is one huge step of humanity.  Step through the abyss of space to bring life to the other stars of our galaxy.

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10.81266.   AR AR


10.70866.     AR AR

The meaning of syntalism is the creation of a single intelligent space, an integral information environment, where the flat black-and-white dichotomy of the paradox evolves into the gradient thinking of the mind, capable of seeing a real color multidimensional world.

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10.69225. The unified theory of being.     AR AR

The meaning of quantum syntalism philosophy is the creation of a logical philosophical version of a unified quantum field theory, that is, a unified theory of being.  The Common Unity contains various other unified theories.  A unified philosophical theory about the unity of content and the versatility of integrity.  A unified theory of neurosis, that is, metapsychosis.  A unified psychosomatic theory of disease.  Unified quantum field theory, that is, the theory of a single substance, the theory of ether and different states of energy.  Theory of the one  God, everything is God.  Unified negative compensatory theory of evolution.  The theory of a single integral ideal and the absence of excess.  The theory of general unity, in the process of which all opposites are united into one whole.

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10.67373. Evolutionary expediency.     AR AR

Beauty is a high degree of adaptation and adaptation of the figure and background.  As he said  Darwin, the most beautiful survives, that is, the adapted. 

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10.67443.     AR AR

Ether is the same proto-object, the various levels of the energy state of which are all other objects.

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10.62233.     AR AR

Canned, constant sound.  A sound bound in stone, a frozen, viscous sound.  He is trying to break free, he is trying to return to a liquid state and become a drop.

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10.62242.     AR AR

The meaning of science is the achievement of simplicity.  Science simplifies everything so that it can be understood and used.

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10.62406.     AR AR

Simplifying takes courage. 

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10.62235.     AR AR

From the point of view of a unified field theory, everything should be one, there is no division and dichotomy.  Ultimately, energy and information, order and chaos, must be one.  You could say everything is order and information.  You could say everything is chaos and energy.

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10.62238.     AR AR

Things are separated in order to exist.  The Union of extremes into a single whole generates their mutual destruction, it is like the meeting of matter and antimatter.  To prevent this from happening, the extremes are separated by a chasm and need to be distanced.

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3.1254. Philosophers should love to do Bang.     AR AR

I   asked   my   little   son   what   truth   is   and   he   said   truth   is   Bang…   That   is,   fear,   he   explained.   Here   I   began   to   see   clearly.   Truth   is   an   explosion,   indeed.   Those   who   live   in   fear   cannot   know   truth   because   they   are   afraid   of   it.   The   knowledge   of   truth   is   reserved   only   to   those   who   are   not   afraid   of   it,   who   can   make   bombs   and   who   love   to   do   Bang.

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10.83141.   AR AR


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