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Pragmatism is to use for the benefit and joy of what is available to us, what we have a lot of, what we like Best, what we know how to use.

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From the point of view of dialectics, philosophy and pragmatism are one and the same. 

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The meaning of the book "Variothoughts"  - achieving some acceptable level of understanding of the nature of things.

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You say pragmatism rules the world, and I say ignorance, lies, and pride rule the world.  However, let's clarify.  Unconscious pragmatism rules the world.  That is, all the scenarios played out are good and pragmatic, but most people do not understand the scenario, resist it and suffer.

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10.64669.     AR AR

The essence of pragmatism is that if something exists, then we can benefit from it.  Pragmatism is the art of making use of what is available here and now.  Another facet of pragmatism is the ability to consider the benefits of phenomena in the dynamics of space-time.  Pragmatism is the knowledge of the good.  By the way, a true pragmatist can benefit not only from presence, but also from absence.  Sometimes it is more useful not to benefit than to benefit.  Excess benefit, that is, overkill of benefits, from the point of view of pragmatism is dangerous.

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The essence of pragmatism is serving the good with all available tools.  Pragmatism is equally loyal to materialism and idealism, rationalism and irrationalism.  A true pragmatist is a philosopher who has knowledge of the good.  False knowledge of the good turns the pragmatist into a suicide.

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From a pragmatic point of view, life itself is important, not whether it is right from a rational point of view or not.  Rationalism cannot prove or disprove anything.  The madmen, the psychopaths, and the arrogant are totally rational within themselves, but this only removes them from reality.  What is the function of rational?  The creation of tools and things, and no more  that.

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The senseless pleases and delights us most of all.  Is joy so meaningless?

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10.63792. Boundaries of life.     AR AR

Boundaries are illusory and contrived, but they are useful and so they are.  You should respect the borders drawn with pencils.  Boundaries are good.

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The strength of syntalism philosophy lies in its flexibility.  A synthalist can agree with everything and deny everything at the same time.  Everything is both true and false.

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Syntalism is a practical guide to the realization of the idea "everything is possible if you really want". 

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Our specialty is the struggle with doubts and the achievement of conviction in the need.  Necessity is reality.  If you want to make a difference in your real life, you need the conviction of necessity.

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Texts in variothoughts are poorly systematized in order to leave the human mind free will and the possibility of active choice.  However, if you need to convince yourself of something, you can select the collection of texts you need for yourself and, periodically rereading it, convince yourself of anything.  It is useful for self-control, inspiration and deliverance.  from excess for yourself.

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10.64104. Internal values.     AR AR

The book  Variothoughts are what will decorate you from the inside.  People love to decorate themselves with things on the outside, but how to fill the inner voids?  Such people resemble beautiful soap bubbles.  No way!  Bracelets do not adorn people.  Not beads of moon-shimmering pearls.  No incense, no garlands,no complicated hairstyles.  It's not solid. 

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