10.21086.     AR AR

The art is to love without demanding anything in return.  Pride is a demand for love in return.

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10.20851.     AR AR

To forgive a man his sins is to love the truth, for the truth is reality.  To love a person as they are is true love.  To love an ideal person, whatever he might be, is pride.

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10.20737.     AR AR

Humility of contradictions is a limitation of the thirst for power and the desire to change each other.  For the love of the unity of the whole, contradictions must  respect each other's right to exist.

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10.20680.     AR AR

If there is growth of any type, then everything is good.  And with a sense of acute lack of time, you need to put up with.  Otherwise, it will never be, unless ...   you won't lose love.  Fear of losing love.  If you lose love, you will perish in hell.

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10.19237.     AR AR

You don't love anyone but yourself, but your other half has been living with you for a long time and is already almost half of you.  You don't want to lose half of yourself, you're too narcissistic.

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10.19170.     AR AR

Against the background of greater fear, small fears are invisible.  The biggest fear is losing  God.  God is love, it is the soul.  If you lose your soul, you will lose your joy and become a slave to fear, lies, suffering and vices.

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10.18708.     AR AR

All our problems occur because we deliver what you have promised to love.  Our time and attention were promised to our love, but we forgot about it.

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10.18497. Bread with salt.     AR AR

You should be careful with the person you love.  Caution is the measure of fear that is the salt of life.

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10.18385.     AR AR

By metaphorically imagining a woman as fire, you will learn to treat both women and love.  Everything depends on you.  Feed the fire, keep your hands off it, restrain its greed... and enjoy its warmth... What could be simpler?  If you imagine a man as a fire – it will not change anything fundamentally.

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10.18351.     AR AR

If you remove the mystery and unknowability from love – it will make it possible to determine its price.  And it will kill love, true love is priceless.

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10.18338.     AR AR

Love is a source of joy for pride.  Pride, hungry for power, seeks to seize love, but love does not live in a cage, so always  dying.  When love dies, pride tears its hair out in pain.  To save the situation, pride needs humility, that is, restraint.  Love requires a sensitive attitude.

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7.6899.     AR AR

Mysterious, unique, beautiful, obscure... this is what the image of perfect love looks like. But do not come close, otherwise the ideal will collapse and the magic of love will disappear.

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