10.16983. The light of truth.     AR AR

Modesty is not about light, light takes everything that its energy is enough for. 

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10.20828.     AR AR

Who asks timidly, asks falsely, for timidity is fear, and therefore lies.  It is customary to refuse liars.  A lie means that there is no love and, therefore, there is no need.

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10.16985. Modesty is the decoration of fools.     AR AR

Cowardice takes away the mind, which means cowards are stupid.  Modesty is one of the masks of cowardice, which means stupidity.

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10.16968. Modesty of fools.     AR AR

Truth is like light.  Light can be restrained, but not modest.  The light captures all the darkness that it can reach.  Modesty is a trait of impotent darkness.  The humble truth is a lie. 

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.11857. There are devils in a quiet pool.     AR AR

Modesty is different.  In that modesty, which is from fear, there are devils there.  Where there is fear, there is falsehood and weakness, anger and contempt, vanity and pride.

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10.8540.     AR AR

Modesty, conscience, shame, guilt, etc. are all fear.  You can't catch a manly man on "shame".

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9.9443.     AR AR

Shyness  is  another  word  for  fear  produced  by  the  weakness  of  spirit.

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5.3755. Soloinc Galactica.     AR AR

I am so small and insignificant that only modesty prevents me from calling myself the universe, so I call myself the galaxy.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


3.2789. Useful shame.     AR AR

Bragging about your plans is a good way to strengthen your plans when you suspect yourself of being weak in spirit.  Now that everyone knows about your plans, it would be a shame not to fulfill them.

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3.2752.     AR AR

Modesty is also pride.  The point is, pride can wear any mask, it doesn't care who it pretends to be.

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3.1706. Who's new?     AR AR

Bragging is a challenge, it's aggression.  Bragging is courage.  Some boast admires, others attack him, wanting to check whether it is.  Both of these options are useful for a braggart, unless he is a coward.  Cowards brag about, as a consequence of the boasting is always degrees of problems.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


7.783.     AR AR

It  happens  that  the  truth  is  called  bragging,  and  timidity  is  just  a  lie,  hiding  what  is  absent.

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